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    Владислав Разыграев
    Сайт под ключ
    от 700 руб. за час

    My name is Vladislav Razygraev. I am a full stack developer specializing in building web applications and APIs. I have been in web development for over 4 years in the following industries: internet marketing, advertising and e-commerce. I have extensive experience in commercial development. I have worked in an outsourcing company for more than a year as a Front-end engineer, and I want to benefit the company by participating in the development process using the React framework and its ecosystem.

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    Юрий Козырев
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstr
    от 760 руб. за час

    Design website structure and components (from scratch end to end) ● Html markup creation (responsive) ● CMS integration (ModX) ● Data migration ● Defects remediation and production support ● SEO optimization ● Communicated with customer and gathered the requirements ● Completed responsive web design according customer requirements, references and wishes: first build with blocks only, than blocks were filled in with MaterializeCSS components, and finally colors and components where...

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    цена договорная

    Python Developer Приветствую на моей странице, меня зовут Николай и я работаю в фрилансе 5 лет. Использую фриланс в качестве основного вида заработка, поэтому всегда ответственно отношусь к каждому из заказов. Мой путь в фрилансе начался с копирайтинга, я могу считать себя довольно хорошим специалистом в написании текстов на английском и русском языках. Все же, со временем мне стала не интересна эта сфера, после чего я начал менять свои специальности. За время поисков успел поработать...

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    Hayk Melikyan
    Разработка андроид приложения на высшем уровне.
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    I am an Android Developer with 1+ year of experience. Creating apps from start to end (Until uploading to Play Market) using Java and Kotlin languages. Also working on new features implementation and bug fixing on the existing apps. Worked on projects alone and with the team up to 10 members. My job was creating new application, new features implementation, bug fixing.

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    Анастасия Олексова
    Web дизайн | UX/UI
    цена договорная

    Hi, my name is Anastasia, I am an experienced graphic designer with over 5 years of experience in this field. My goal is to make a quality design that will work for you. I value time and quality and use the marketing concept for design. I believe that honest, transparent communication creates real relationships for the implementation of successful projects. Specializing in: - web design - ux/ui - Landing page

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    Владимир Желнов
    Веб-программирование, Сайты «под ключ», Интернет-Магазины, Платежные системы, API
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    - Создание сайтов на базе любых CMS (кроме Bitrix) - Подключение платежных систем (Тинькофф, Яндекс.Касса, Робокасса, Paypal) - Оптимизация сайтов, плагинов - Написание платежных шлюзов - Парсинг данных - Трансфер БД PostgreSQL в MySQL - Восстановление зараженных сайтов (чистка, восстановление) - Повышение безопасности сайтов на базе Wordpress - Написание API для мобильных приложений - Взаимодействие сайта с другими API - Создание адаптивной вёрстки - Использование git - Создание...

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    Hyper Factory
    Game development
    от 600 руб. за час

    We are an independent studio from Ukraine, our team consists from developers with 2 years of experience in game developing. We are producing hyper-casual games for Android and IOS. Our company provides a full range of game development services and assets design services. We provide services for publishers, developers and other businesses within the gaming and entertainment industry.

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    Vladimir Zemskov
    Leader of Web&Mobile Dev Team
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    I am an experienced Technical Project and Product Manager. I am running my development team (roar-development.com) as a distributed team connected by technology since 2010. All these years we were customizing various eCommerce solutions, developing Web and Mobile applications for clients from overseas (mainly from US, UK, AU, NZ, and Europe). Also, I've developed our unique support & maintenance approach, aka productized consulting. ➢ Achievements > Led a team of various technical...

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    от 1 000 руб. за час

    I’m an iOS developer with more than three years of experience in development for the Apple ecosystem. I successfully completed many projects for iOS as well as for tvOS, working in a team or as an independent developer. I developed projects from scratch as well as added a new features into existing projects, thus rising it's value for the Product Owner. I am well acquainted with and following Apple guidelines and release floods to provide an excellent project quality and easy scalable codebase. ...

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    Илья Иванов
    HTML | CSS | JSS | React
    от 50 руб. за час

    Hello, I'm Ilua, I was interested in programming since I was a child, took part in a lot of IT-championships including ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. Now I'm a student of the last course in Kharkiv Computer College. I want to grow as an IT-specialist and I'm opened to any offers, but mainly I specialize in web-development and mobile development. I'm available at any time.

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    An Veo
    от 150 руб. за час

    Я работаю в таких программах как: Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, paint tool sai, madibang pro, adobe premier pro. Делаю такие виды работ как: логотипы, обработка фото, оформление соц сетей, иллюстрация, векторная графика, монтаж видео и многое другое

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    Ahror Kayumov
    Senior .Net Developer
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Специальности: -Бэкэнд-разработка: ASP.NET, ASP.NET.CORE -Мобильная разработка: Xamarin, React Native -C#/.NET приложений: WPF, UWP Принципы: - Clean architecture - Agile, Scrum - SOLID Design principles Skilled Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience in design, development, testing, and implementation of various web-based applications. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for web applications. Team player and problem solver with an aptitude for...

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    Дмитрий Лагута
    it разработка
    от 1 300 руб. за час

    Have an idea that you’re trying to bring to life? We bring a wide array of professional services in Blockchain & IT development, project management to the work we’re involved with. We can manage it all while maintaining high standards of quality. Call today and let us transform your online presence into something exceptional.

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    Roman Yarinskiy
    цена договорная

    1. Yarinskiy Roman. 2. Contact Info: phone: +375 25 918 99 45, e-mail:299442676t@gmail.com ,telegram: @RomanYarinskiy. 3. Summary: My aim is become a js programmer. My wishes is an interesting job with good pay. 4. Skills: Object-oriented programming, SQL, HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Git, NodeJs, Bootstrap. 5. Education: I’m currently the 4 year student of BSUIR. English courses(A2). Rolling Scopes School Front-End courses. 6. English: I’m studied English language at school, university and...

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    Богдан Черевко
    UX\UI дизайнер
    цена договорная

    Do you need a website or app design from scratch? Want to redesign or upgrade an old one? Looking for a responsible and experienced designer to rely on? Want your design costs to turn into an investment? Then hire me! ▼ Why me? ✅ Behind the back of 20+ projects, drawn 200+ prototypes and 4000+ working hours ✅ 3 years of experience in web design and app design ✅ I make a design based on business tasks, user needs and global trends ✅ I use an easy and intuitive design process ✅ Always in...

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    Nuriddin Toshtimirov
    Photo Editor | Background Remo
    от 500 руб. за час

    Photo Editor | Background Removal | Video Editing | Adobe | Logo Designer Hello everyone! I am a young specialist. I will remove the background of your images, make any amount of video and photo. I believe that you should ALWAYS be a specialist, work must be done QUALITATIVELY, bring any project to IDEAL in the agreed period Important Note: For a complex photo or video, please send me a message before purchasing my service. And if you need a service within 2 hours, then please notify...

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    Максим Пакин
    Разработка ПО
    от 2 100 руб. за час

    Senior .NET Developer, Architect, Team Lead. Sigma Ukraine (at past Eclipse-SP LLC). December 2007 – present time. 2011 master degree of computer science at National Aerospace University – Kharkiv Aviation Institute “KHAI”. Languages: Russian – fluent Ukrainian – fluent English – can attend interview, communicate on daily basis and work in English-spoken team. In general: have wide experience in .NET (C#) development: including desktop, web, mobile (iOS and Android platforms support via...

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    Volodymyr Maliarov
    Front-end Developer
    от 1 300 руб. за час

    - Implementing web design and development principles to build stable software. - Bringing mockups to life using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. - Using new technologies like Angular 2-9, Redux, NgRx, RxJs, GIT, JIRA, NodeJs, NestJs, MongoDb, Photoshop, Illustrator and another. - Collaborating closely with the team to support projects during all phases of delivery. - Building websites and apps that are responsive and usable. - Monitoring website performance and rectifying front-end-related issues. -...

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    Darya Demyanenko
    QA Engineer
    от 300 руб. за час

    I'm QA Engineer. Have knowledge and a good understanding of the process of testing mobile applications and Also, I have certificates: IT Academy Belhard - QA Engineer(Sept. - Oct. 2019); Stormnet Technologies -QA Engineer(March - May 2020). ✦ Searching for errors and defects on the test website ✦ Methodologies ✦ Testing API ✦ Testing an educational mobile application for android ✦ Testing an educational website ✦ Work with Atlassian Jira ✦ Learned SQL base syntax ✦ Cover projects with test...

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    Yaroslavna Korovayska
    ui/ux designer
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    HI! I'm an illustrator and a UX / UI designer with 3+ years of experience. Please feel free to review my portfolio and get back to me with any questions you might have. Let's get in touch!

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    Андрей Дегтярук
    Разработка для стартапов
    от 5 000 руб. за час

    Has been involved in commercial products development for more than 8 years already. Most of his experience comes from web development of highly loaded services, including large electronic trading platforms, and also cooperation with fintech companies. At the very beginning of his career Andrey developed a social network game called ‘100 to 1’ — the number of its users reached 10 mln people at the peak. Later, he worked for an international business incubator Rocket Internet(Thailand). and also...

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    Marcin Pawlowski
    Web developer
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    I find an individual approach to each client. I carry out the work efficiently and on time. I work exclusively with new technologies. WEB technology Vanilla javascript Node.js Vue.js, React.js, Angular GraphQL Base PostgreSQL Mongodb MySQL Server environment Nginx / apache2 Setting up UNIX-like systems

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    Егор Коткин
    тексты, лонгриды, консалтинг
    от 1 000 руб. за тысячу знаков

    Egor is an exceptional copywriter and a master of appealing to a modern audience. It's been several years during which we were working with Egor and his team on multiple projects, and they’ve managed to execute everything efficiently and smoothly. During the Polybius mid 2017 token sale, his publications on Medium and Geektimes reached about 20% of our future ICO audience, making his contribution one of the biggest impacts on our project. Edgar Bers Product Manager/Owner at...