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    Programming languages: Swift, T-SQL, 1C, HTML (basics), php (basics) Understanding: OOP, MVC, Multithreading Experienced with: Cocoapods, Realm, RESTful, Alamofire, iOS SDK, CoreData, CoreAnimation, PushNotification, Autolayout, MVC, pixel perfect UI implementation Tools: Git, Source Tree, Navicat, Xcode, Jira, SQLite Languages: Ukrainian (fluent), Russian (fluent), English (read intermediate, spoken pre-intermediate) Methodologies: Theory of Constraints, Scrum, Agile Personal and...

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    Шипилов Александр
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    A skilled specialist with over 10 years of extensive experience involving analysis, design, implementation, problem-solving of commercial web applications by using both back-end and front-end technologies, the most required frameworks and libraries, agile software development practices. Possessing strong analytic skills and considerable knowledge of the wide range of web standards and specifications.

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    Денис Bukashk0zzz
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    PersonalityNature calm, balanced, friendly, sociable, know how to analyze and think logically. I have no bad habits. Skills- Knowledge of the operating system level admin: Debian, Ubuntu, OS X- Knowledge of OS-level advanced users: Windows, Fedora, OpenSUSE, OpenSolaris, Solaris, FreeBSD,Gentoo.- Good knowledge of: Internet technology, data transmission, routing, advanced understanding ofthe model OSI, protocols: DNS, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, SMPP, SS7, MM7, MM4- Working with databases: MySQL,...