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    Manuel Saavedra
    Разработка сайтов
    от 20 000 руб. за проект

    Всем привет! Меня зовут Мануэль, я веб-дизайнер. Создаю корпоративные сайты под ключ, сайты-визитки, landing page, интернет-магазины. Портфолио: www.manuelsaavedra.ru Веб-дизайн для меня искусство, моя цель привнести эстетику в мир digital. В век цифровых технологий искусственный интеллект нуждается в красивом и удобном представлении. Буду рад со вкусом и эффективностью представить Ваши идеи, смыслы, бизнесы в интернет-среде! С уважением, Мануэль Сааведра Hello! My name is...

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    Илья Куликов
    Website and webapp
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    My best skills: I like to have the job done and to be proud of the results. So I am precise in important details. I am looking at my job from the business point of view. So I need to understand what the client needs and why. I like to be effective and avoid useless staff. That’s why I think the process and environment should help you do your job. I prefer simple and logical solutions and avoid not obvious and complex ones. I prefer to ask a quick question rather than spend hours searching for...

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    GentTech | PHP, ROR, C++, Java
    Dev for Website, Mobile App.
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    GentTech - we are web development outsourcing company with experienced and qualified team of designers and web developers. We deliver creative and professional web design services to individuals, small businesses as well as large organizations. GentTech company is located in Eastern Europe,Ukraine. Our working hours are convenient and we can work with any clients timezone so we can provide web development services to companies all over the world. Having entered the IT market...

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    Ринат Габдуллин
    Fullstack iOS developer
    от 1 500 руб. за час

    I have over 5 years of software development experience, and for 3 years I have been fully focusing on iOS platform. My aim is to create great applications that meet all clients' requirements. Feel free to text me with any questions. I'm a fullstack developer: - Mockups. I can help you to think over and bring your ideas into interactive prototype. - UI/UX design. I can provide the best UI solutions according to your aims and can explain why it is so. - Software architecture and...

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    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Hey! I am an iOS developer from Minsk, Belarus (East Europe) with 5+ years of experience. I also have some experience in UX research, design and project management. My area of innovation — quality. This is also a core value of my work. I like speaking with my clients, understanding their ideas/visions and helping them to bring ideas to life. Summary: — 5+ years of iOS development — Expert in a full cycle of mobile development from scratch to the App Store — Strong skills in Objective-C/Swift —...