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    Дмитрий Саченóк
    QA trainee - Looknig for a job
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    На данный момент прохожу обучение в IT-Academy и ищу любую возможность практиковаться и набираться опыта. Готов работать за идею, условно говоря))

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    Yakov Petrov
    Product Designer/UI|UX
    от 1 300 руб. за час

    In the field of design, in general since childhood)). I like working with interfaces, solving problems, asking a lot of questions and getting to the bottom of it, although I had to work with souvenir products as well. I expect the job and the employer to understand why this is done and why, the right focus in the work. Also do a product that solves the problem and satisfies the positive result. To get feedback on the success of the product. I perceive criticism adequately and listen to it,...

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    от 1 000 руб. за проект

    Hello, I'm Maria, 24 y.o. and I'm intrerested in job. I have a little experience as a tester on a real project, but I have huge ambitions and desire to grow in this direction. I read professional literature in the original, I train my English every day and try to master useful technologies for my future work. Please pay attention to my candidacy and contact me.

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    Имею большой опыт работы более 11 лет в digital/freelance рекламных агентствах и продакшн студиях на позициях art director / senior designer / designer таких как: Deluxe Interactive, Accord Digital, Jami, catzwolf, NECTARIN и др. Помимо основных задач участвовал в разработке креативных концепций для new business проектов, как для веб сайтов так и для баннеров, и кей вижуалов Также занимался дизайном других digital каналов: Мобильные приложения / спец.проекты / smm / баннерка разных форматов для...

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    Dmitry Belaventsev
    Software Development
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience (mostly in global distributed teams). Writes clean and testable code in Python and JavaScript, keeping the focus on requirements engineering and productivity. Finds the solutions for business and teaches teammates how to do the same. Mentoring people to help them find their first Software Engineering job or bump current skillset. Interested in Marketing and EdTech.

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    Николай Соколов
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    Ручное функциональное/юзабилити тестирование тестирование desktop/mobile версий сайтов и desktop/мобильных приложений по ТЗ или exploratory testing. Разработка тест-кейсов. Автоматическое тестирование (разработка скриптов для регрессионных тестов). Багтрекинг: Redmine, Jira, Google-таблицы. Разработка Android приложений на java и вёрстка экранов приложений, сборка apk из исходников в Android studio. 3 года работы с Oracle 9i-12c(разработка разработка/доработка триггеров, хранимых...

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    Vladyslav Kravchenko
    Software testing
    от 700 руб. за час

    Hello! My name is Vladyslav Kravchenko, I'm currently living in Amsterdam and looking for a job as a QA Automation Engineer for Mobile. I have 4 years of experience as a QA for mobile and among my duties were: - Manual testing - Test-plan and test-cases design - Test-cases automation - Building and maintaining automation framework (espresso, xamarinUiTests, xcuitest) - Configuring the CI/CD environment (Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD) - API testing (Postman, Charles)

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    Picom Picom
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    С 2000 года мы занимаемся сложной веб-разработкой. Внедряем CRM и ERP-системы, разрабатываем личные кабинеты, реализуем сложные интеграции, держим высокие нагрузки. Создаем корпоративные сайты, информационные порталы и интернет-магазины. Нам интересно ускорять, выстраивать и оптимизировать процессы. Умеем и работать по классической водопадной модели, и использовать гибкие методологии (Agile). На всех проектах используется система контроля версий (GIT). Качество готового продукта...

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    Имею хорошие фундаментальные знания. Требовательна к себе, добросовестна и усердна. Знакома с основным стеком ruby и go Rails,Sinatra, dry Базы данных: MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Mongodb Есть опыт elastic Могу в девопс. Docker, aws Могу в асихрон delayed job, sidekick, rabbit тесты: capybara rspec cucumber JS: vue, jquery

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    Артур Хайруллин
    Premium Web Development
    от 3 300 руб. за час

    Not yet another skillset bragger. Instead - your helping hand in the world of Web Development. Cooperatively with my clients, we move towards a successful solution. And this is how the efficient working process should flow. In my craft I strive for the following principles: - End product needs to solve a problem - My client should feel safe and involved in the process (seeing intermediate results, getting instructions, etc) - To be independent as a developer and free my clients' brains...

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    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Hi there! I'm Web developer with 3+ years of experience in backend development. It's important to me to build long term relationships with clients and be involved in development during application life cycle as long as possible in order to make application to provide better services level on every stage, so I'm primarily looking for long term projects. Few things which I can do: ✅ Laravel/Yii projects ✅ REST API ✅ Mobile app backend using Laravel/Yii ✅ Work with any external API...

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    Алексей Рыскин
    ruby on rails, react
    цена договорная

    Ruby on Rails 5 (API) + React JS (Frontend) Rails 4,5 - Slim - Bootstrap - Capistrano (nginx, puma) - REST API (ActiveModelSerializers) - GraphQL (GrapQL-ruby) - Delayed::Job, whenever - React-on-Rails - Action Cable React JS & React Native - Redux - Saga - REST client - GraphQL (Apollo) skype: ryskin82 telegram: @ryskin

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    Narek Dallakyan
    Android Developer
    от 900 руб. за час

    Java/Kotlin Android Mobile DeveloperСпасибо за посещение моего профиля. Я являюсь мобильным разработчиком с сильными навыками Android и имею более чем 3-летний опыт создания мобильных приложений с нуля, а также работы над уже существующими проектами, исправления ошибок и внесения настроек. Вот некоторые из моих навыков: • Core Java OOP, multi- threading • Experience with Android SDK • Application Lifecycle • Strong understanding of REST full api, OkHttp, Retrofit2 • Database: SQLite, Realm,...

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    Iryna Abramova
    UX/UI Web design
    цена договорная

    Hi, I'm Irina, designer from Poland. I’am a UI/UX designer, webdesigner, a peson who likes her job. With more than 2 years expierence as a freelancer and 1 year of working for agencies Why I love what I do? I can’t imagine morning without coffee and a moment for myself when I can check new projects on behance. This little feeling of jealous when I see a briliant project and I am wondering why I didn’t come with this idea earlier. This many hours spending on looking for a best colour, working...

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    Артём Чукалин
    Интернет-маркетинг, разработка
    от 1 100 руб. за час

    WordPress|Laravel|Magento|UI/UX web & mobile|html/css|p2h|PPC Kharkiv, Ukraine based Senior Full Stack Developer. Over 8 years of experience in developing Websites and Mobile sites. Good in UI&UX design and scratch. Expert in e-Commerce Projects My sweet spot is helping Agencies Solve, Deliver and White label development projects to their clients. My Promise to you -Always on time -Always in Communication -Never over Budget I can help you develop a project from scratch...

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    Tatyana Kharchenko
    Junior QA Engineer
    цена договорная

    Hello, My name is Tatyana. I have higher technical education, also took a course of software testing. Looking for a part-time job for experience. Thank you in advance. Best Regards, Tatyana Kharchenko

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    Ggold Miners Russia
    Разработка сайтов под ключ на
    от 800 руб. за час

    Работа над последним сайтом на базе WP+CMS+woocommerce некоторые технические стороны данного ТЗ не раскрыты 1-Покупка сервера (VDS/VPS/host) под запрос клиента и критерий сайта 2-Покупка Domain-name 3-Покупка CMS 4-Покупка фото для сайта (Поиск привлекательных фото для сайта) 5-Регистрация личного кабинета wordpress.com 6-Регистрация SSL certificate для Domain-name 7-Регистрация dash.cloudflare.com и настройка зашиты IP server 8-Регистрация jetpack.com и настройка...

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    Viky Koval
    Marketing, Translation
    от 400 руб. за час

    Hi there! I am a newbie here but ready to start off with some super-duper interesting projects and be a real help. If I'm giving my proposal to do the job, be sure - I'd do it the best I can and I find it inspiring and feel curious about it. As for my skills, right, I have a solid experience in everything concerning content writing (marketing included). You can check on some of my activity in LinkedIn profile. I speak English fluently, German - on the Intermediate level. So, If you need...

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    Роман Попов
    Разработка электроники
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    WHAT I DO: I help Startups and Small Business Owners solve problems with the development of a prototype, MVP or unique electronic equipment for your business by providing R&D, electronic circuit and PCB design, prototyping, troubleshooting, and preparation of documentation for serial production. WHY IT WORKS: I have been working with small business and start-up entrepreneurs for over 10 years and I can make the most effective, efficient and affordable offer for you. WHAT MAKES ME...

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    Дмитрий Хотин
    Frontend Developer
    цена договорная

    Hello, I'm yang and enthusiastic, self-motivated front end developer from Minsk. I'm looking for my first development job or internship. I studied the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript by myself. I have passed various HTML and CSS courses (HTMLAcademy, RollingScopes, etc.). I do not have production experience but I am looking for an opportunity to get it. I can make up responsive and adaptive fast loaded pages without various errors, write simple scripts, optimize graphics. I can build icons...

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    Валентина Курган
    Junior UI/UX designer
    от 190 руб. за час

    Looking for Junior web designer job. Finished Beetroot Academy. I have higher education (philology). During educating got skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, InVision. I can create websites, icons, landing pages, banners. I differ in the creative thinking, sense of taste, by readiness to self-perfection and in-plant training, that compensates the lack of practical experience in the field of Web design.

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    Botoland Chatbots
    Chatbots development
    цена договорная

    Botoland | Chatbot development (Telegram, Facebook, Viber) Мы небольшая команда молодых профессионалов, специализирующаяся на разработке чат-ботов разных уровней сложности. За нами много успешно законченных проектов и довольных покупателей. Самое главное для нас - наша репутация, поэтому вы всегда можете рассчитывать на лучший продукт. Мы работаем с: - Python3 - TelegramAPI - PyTelegramBotAPI - Facebook Messenger - VkontakteAPI - ViberAPI - InstagramAPI - Parsers (BeautifulSoup4, LXML) Базы...

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    от 600 руб. за час

    Dear Sir, I have ability to create quality Google Ads, Bing, Yahoo Advertisment campaigns. Additionally I work with YouTube, Yandex.Direct, VK.COM, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. I have 10 years experience of working on PPC campaigns such as Google Adwords. If after reviewing you feel I may be a suitable candidate for an interview, then do not hesitate to contact me. I can assure you that I will be able to assist you in your task in time with quality work. Yours sincerely, Yuriy

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    Norayr Hovakimyan
    Front End разработчик/верстка
    от 300 руб. за час

    I'm junior+ front end developer focused on creating SPA (Single Page Applications) using React js. I have experience in creating a responsive websites using .psd design layout. I am very responsible to details. Once i take a job. I'm always do my best to finish it as expected.