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    Vitaly Todorovych
    iOS Developer
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    Summary of Qualifications: I have 3 years of professional experience in iOS application development, half a year with C++ development. I have implemented more then 10 iOS projects of various sizes, full application design from scratch, working on requirements analysis and specifications, issues detection, analysis and resolving, coding, testing, performance, code improvement and maintenance. I have experience in working with version control and...

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    Oleg Mitrofanov
    C\C++ Software Engineer
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    Experienced Software Developer with +5 years experience in different projects. Starting from large cluster systems, to embedded devices powered by Linux.Done a lot of system level programming and kernel space programming. As for desktop apps, my choice is Qt. Fast learner and very passionate to my work. Main fields: *NIX, c, c++, embedded, network programming.

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    Денис Хорушко
    Project Management, JIRA Admin
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    3 years of PM experienceRetained development team: up to 10 people Projects Pool: up to 8 small/mid-size corporate web-applications Clients Pool: up to 3 stakeholders Full-cycle process: roadmap, specification, planning, kick-off, monitoring, reporting, go LIVE, support, change requests Additional duties: ·         JIRA & Confluence Administration - settings, workflows, users management ·         Team Hard/Soft environment arrangement Team events/finance management...

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    Hey! I am an iOS developer from Minsk, Belarus (East Europe) with 5+ years of experience. I also have some experience in UX research, design and project management. My area of innovation — quality. This is also a core value of my work. I like speaking with my clients, understanding their ideas/visions and helping them to bring ideas to life. Summary: — 5+ years of iOS development — Expert in a full cycle of mobile development from scratch to the App Store — Strong skills in Objective-C/Swift —...

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    Лариса Янущик
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    I am Graphic & Web Designer with 10+ years of experience, based in Chile, Santiago, working with the Corfo's government program Start Up Chile. Since 2003 I've been creating custom designs for writers, artists, businesses, and non-profit projects. In 2008-2011 I was a Graphic Designer of the festival @Belarussian Spring in Kiev, Ukraine I keen to build brand identities, websites and Graphic objects which effectively promote my clients work and services. I apply a process of ideation and...

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    Alexander Petukh   22, Shvygina str., Odessa, Ukraine Tel: +38 (093) 943-88-20 E-mail: petyx90@gmail.com Skype: oodessit Personal summary: Date of birth: February 8, 1990 Single No children Objective: C++ Junior developer Education: International IT School Hillel (2013) Graduated as C++ Developer -         Participated in two small gamedev projects. I. I. Mechnikov Odessa National University (2007 – 2012) Graduated as...

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    Александр Трутченко
    мобильные приложения, cocos2dx
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    Я являюсь разработчиком кроссплатформенных (iOS, Android, Bada) мобильных приложений на движке cocos2dx. Опыт работы с cocos2dx 1.5 года, опыт работы с cocos2d (версия только для iOS) 1.5 года. Фанат кроссплатформенной разработки.  Английский: Intermediate (fluent written skills, good enough verbal skills)  Опыт работы:  2010 – текущий момент: free-lancer. Пара собственных проектов, один из которых  - расширение cocos2dx – "LID Framework":lid-framework.com/project...  2010 – 2012: Soteq...

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    Сергей Гребнев
    java программист
    от 60 000 руб. за месяц

    Sergey Grebnev (18.09.1981). Experience in the web projects: Description of the implemented projects: - CRM/Reporting systems, CMS/Web framework, E-commerce systems, Social network Used technologies: - database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcashe, Sphinx - java: Spring, Hibbernet, templates (Velocity, JSP), Ant, GAE, Android - php: fraimwork (Kohana/MVC), ORM (Doctrine), SOAP - javascript: Nodejs, prototype, jquery, ajax (full ajax app), comet technology - python: Django,...

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    Дмитрий Александрович
    Perl программист(jQuery, Ruby)
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    Ключевые технологии: PERL (MVC Catalyst), jquery (javascript), sql (mysql, pgsql), php, ruby (Ruby on Ralis), css3, freebsd/linux Опыт работы более 6 лет Perl+jQuery+FreeBSD Junior Ruby (Ruby on Ralis),   в процессе изучения, могу взяться за заказы Движки: Xfilesharing (sibsoft), OTRS Информационные технологии, интернет, телеком     Программирование, Разработка     Электронная коммерция     Системный администратор Профессиональные навыки: - Perl: OOP, Catalyst, Moose (базово), MooseX...

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    Анастасия Пешехонова
    от 55 000 руб. за месяц

    Experience 6 years 9 monthsedit April 2012 — till now (11 months) SibEDGE (Tomsk, sibedge.com) — Information technology/system integration Java developer Работала в проекте jelastic.com. Реализовала: живая миграция контейнеров между серверами (http://blog.jelastic.com/tag/smart-live-migration/), проверка окружения на ошибки в кластерном режиме, умную эвакуацию контейнеров с сервера и др. April 2009 — February 2012 (2 years 11 months) Bitworks — Information technology/system...

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    Nick Andrievsky
    Senior Adobe Flex developer
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    I create beautiful things with Love. I'm software engineer specialized on Adobe Flash and Air platforms. Last 2 years I'm focusing on Media Streaming and Communication Platforms development. I'm looking for long term contracts on unusual and ambitious projects.

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    Григорий Дмитренко
    от 800 руб. за час

    Разрабатываю качественные веб-приложения в согласованные с вами сроки.Готов взяться удалённо за сложные проекты, связанные с разработкой информационных систем и SaaS. Имею большой опыт в области управления проектами, есть своя команда. Рассматриваю предложения от стартапов.Могу провести аудит процесса разработки (и других процессов) в вашей компании и выдать обоснованные рекомендации для оптимизации работы.

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    Sergey Seletsky
    Software Architect
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    Professional Profile:Software Architect with extensive experience in the IT Industry in a variety of innovative solutions of high-quality apps and services. Experience in SaaS, Cloud, Big Data, Mobility, Artificial Intelligence etc. projects on a scalable architecture. Good design sense and usability. Experience in planning, design, development, management and control interdisciplinary teams. Competencies:Architecture, Big Data, Business Analysis, Business Design, Business Development, Business...

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    Богдан Чайка
    от 500 руб. за час

    I begin programming and earn money by it in may 2005 year. Now i'm a strong adept of Erlang. But my first language was C++ and Java. At first time i develop desktop application for Win32 : spying system and "work list reports" for building company. After that i took part in startUp project kupui.com and ukrmoney.com on perl - ukrainian analogs of ebay.com and paypal.com. This projects were unsuccessful. In 2007 i begin develop audit system for financianal bank also on perl. During this time i...

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    Volodimir Daniliv
    Веб програмист
    от 200 руб. за час

    For the past year and an half I have been working as a freelance programmer , HTML CSS, also I have skills in programming on SMARTY, PHP. Also I work with Content Manager System (CMS), Joomla, Wordpress, usually I work with Web design, I have skills in using software package Photoshop for my projects. Furthermore, I have useful skills in working with SVN and MySQL. Also I used to work as Virtual Service Administrator on Unix system.

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    Альберт Бикеев
    от 100 руб. за час

    Имею опыт web-разработки на PHP, JavaScript, CSS. Примеры работ: ЗМК - написание с нуля. Студенческий портал КАЗГАУ - написание с нуля. Media50 - оптимизация xslt шаблонов и запросов к серверу (до начала работ главная страница грузилась примерно 12 секунд). C++ - хорошее знание. Курс по компьютерной графике на Edx (сертификат). Собственные проекты на github. Java - базовый уровень. Изучение алгоритмов и структур данных в университете проходило на Java. Некоторые наработки...

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    Денис Ерёмин
    IT, дизайн
    цена договорная

    Здоровый человек, вредных привычек не имею. По мере возможности участвую в различных конкурсах, например: занял второе место в конкурсе и выиграл приз от интернет портала radeon.ru за разработку метода обхода защиты программы ATI Multimedia Center, что в итоге позволило запускать утилиту захвата видео, входящую в этот программный продукт не только на картах изготовленных самой ATI, но и на картах сторонних производителей в которых используется чип «Rage Theatre». Занял второе место и взял...

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    от 250 руб. за час

    I'm an educated programmer, having a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I have 3 years of field experience working on various projects in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHPl) environment. I'm interested in new challenging projects.

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    от 800 руб. за час

    I am a professional web developer with over 4 years of extensive experience. I have developed a lot of projects of different complexity using PHP(OOP)/MySQL/JS/HTML/CSS/ WordPress CMS. I have skills in applying NoSQL solutions and other optimizations. Also I have used technologies such as NodeJS, WebSockets, HTML5. My favorite PHP and JS frameworks are CodeIgniter/Yii/Laravel/jQuery/jQuery UI/Angular.js/BackboneJS/NodeJS. I'm familiar with RESTful API's. I am proficient in Ajax, Web 2.0 UI,...