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    Volodimir Daniliv
    Веб програмист
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    For the past year and an half I have been working as a freelance programmer , HTML CSS, also I have skills in programming on SMARTY, PHP. Also I work with Content Manager System (CMS), Joomla, Wordpress, usually I work with Web design, I have skills in using software package Photoshop for my projects. Furthermore, I have useful skills in working with SVN and MySQL. Also I used to work as Virtual Service Administrator on Unix system.

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    I have 7 years experience in Web development. I have developed a wide range of websites using Html, CSS, and a little JS, php, also using CMS and Bulletin board (Joomla, Wordpress, PHPbb). Self-study and prepare graphics for the site using PhotoShop, FireWorks, CorelDRAW. I have deployed over 15 fully functional websites. I also have experience in SEO, social media and internet strategy. I am also a reseller of WebHosting Provider FreeHost.com.ua (I can offer you: Domain...

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    Alexander Leonchik
    Web Developer
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    Доброе время суток - Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Hanami, Sinatra, React.js; - Core web: XML, JSON, HTML/CSS, JavaScript; - OS: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows; - VCS: Git, Mercurial, SVN; - Bug/Issue trackers: Jira, Trello, Redmine; - DB: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis; - CI: Travis, CircleCI, Jenkins - Virtual Machines: Docker, VMWare, VirtualBox Top gems: - Devise, OmniAuth, CanCanCan, Pundit - Puma, Unicorn, Passanger, Capistrano - Sidekiq, Whenever, Rescue - CarrierWave, MiniMagick, Cocaine - I18n,...