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    Vitaly Todorovych
    iOS Developer
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    Summary of Qualifications: I have 3 years of professional experience in iOS application development, half a year with C++ development. I have implemented more then 10 iOS projects of various sizes, full application design from scratch, working on requirements analysis and specifications, issues detection, analysis and resolving, coding, testing, performance, code improvement and maintenance. I have experience in working with version control and...

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    Oleg Mitrofanov
    C\C++ Software Engineer
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    Experienced Software Developer with +5 years experience in different projects. Starting from large cluster systems, to embedded devices powered by Linux.Done a lot of system level programming and kernel space programming. As for desktop apps, my choice is Qt. Fast learner and very passionate to my work. Main fields: *NIX, c, c++, embedded, network programming.

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    Денис Хорушко
    Project Management, JIRA Admin
    от 75 000 руб. за месяц

    3 years of PM experienceRetained development team: up to 10 people Projects Pool: up to 8 small/mid-size corporate web-applications Clients Pool: up to 3 stakeholders Full-cycle process: roadmap, specification, planning, kick-off, monitoring, reporting, go LIVE, support, change requests Additional duties: ·         JIRA & Confluence Administration - settings, workflows, users management ·         Team Hard/Soft environment arrangement Team events/finance management...

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    Алексей Киселенко
    Senior .NET Developer
    от 550 руб. за час

    Я эксперт в .NET/C# с опытом работы с этой технологией более 11 лет. Выполнил более 25 крупных проектов в срок и бюджет. Имею 17-ти летний опыт программирования, работал в больших и малых компаниях. Работаю эффективно даже с минимальным контролем. Умею и люблю работать как в большой команде, так и индивидуально. Мои любимые технологии C# ASP.NET and Win Forms (web приложения и desktop приложения), а так же VoIP.

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    Kreida group
    mobile, web applications
    от 500 руб. за час

      Kreida is a software development company that is specialized in mobile, web applications and presentation materials development for smartphones and tablets based on Windows 8 and Android operating systems.Kreida Group provides custom software development services such as:   -  customized software development for mobiles ;   -  design and web-design of mobile applications;   -  cloud computing (the development of cloud based business applications);   -  creation of the websites and Internet...

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    Sergey Gerdel
    api multiservice backend dev
    от 225 000 руб. за месяц

    I am backend developer. I have 12 years experience working development. Started from Html/Css + Perl/Php languages and now work with Java/Scala. Currently build architecture for microservices and distributed systems, api systems, etc...

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    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Hey! I am an iOS developer from Minsk, Belarus (East Europe) with 5+ years of experience. I also have some experience in UX research, design and project management. My area of innovation — quality. This is also a core value of my work. I like speaking with my clients, understanding their ideas/visions and helping them to bring ideas to life. Summary: — 5+ years of iOS development — Expert in a full cycle of mobile development from scratch to the App Store — Strong skills in Objective-C/Swift —...

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    Сергей Караженец
    J2EE Разработчик
    от 24 000 руб. за месяц

    J2EE Разработчик Skills: Application Servers And Middleware - Tomcat - Jetty - Apache 2.x Automation Testing - JUnit4 - Mockito - Selenium 2 J2EE Web Frameworks And Technologies - Apache Struts - Spring 3.x - JSF - JSP - JAX-WS - JAX-RS - Servlets - JSTL Java Database Frameworks and Technologies - Hibernate - JPA - JDBC - Spring Data MongoDB Java Frameworks And Technologies - Swing - AWT - JAXB - Log4j Build And Continuous Integration Tools - Ant - Maven - Jenkins - Nexus RDBMS And NoSQL...

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    Александр Ткачев
    Desctop and web-services
    от 750 руб. за час

    Ответственный, исполнительный, коммуникабельный.Готов взяться как за целые проекты на любой стадии (от проектирования до глубокого рефакторинга) так и за любые их части.

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    Dmitry Savin
    iOS Developer
    от 800 руб. за час

    In the work I rely on several principles: • Architecture of application should be properly designed and must allow easily extend and change parts of a application. • Following the workflow, so that will be achieved maximally precise execution of the task within the given timeframe. • It is important to have a deep knowledge of applied technologies, to use all its features. • It is necessary to keep up with the latest technologies and innovations that will help solve essential problems the most...

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    Valercheg /dev/admin
    System Engineer, Highload
    от 120 000 руб. за месяц

    9+ years of Linux expierence; ddos protection, highload optimization; high skill of datacenters communication; virtualization and cloud computing; build backup technologies;i'm interesting: - increase skill for new and exist tech; - cisco, voip, cloud, bgp, highload; - can participate in build datacenter; - research and implement trends of IT; i don't interesting: - only windows administration; - helpdesk support for front line; - anykey admin or office user;

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    от 40 000 руб. за месяц

    Who are we? We are highly professional group of young and ambitious people, each of us is professional in it specialization (in 3D, motion design, and in classical graphics) Our Activities: Creating video presentations of high quality. Establishment of industrial and architectural visualization. Creating commercials. Contacts: Art Director: Vladimir Pinchuk mail: MaestroVFX@mail.com phone: +38 063 62 53 123

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    Vasil Vladimirov
    дизайн веб, сайт "под ключ"
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    I am Vasiliy, Web/UI designer from Ukraina/Dnepropetrovsk. In my 3-year career, I have created several well-known company visuals, I try to create a product that would be acceptable to everyone, mix of requirements and my creativity.

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    Лариса Янущик
    от 1 500 руб. за час

    I am Graphic & Web Designer with 10+ years of experience, based in Chile, Santiago, working with the Corfo's government program Start Up Chile. Since 2003 I've been creating custom designs for writers, artists, businesses, and non-profit projects. In 2008-2011 I was a Graphic Designer of the festival @Belarussian Spring in Kiev, Ukraine I keen to build brand identities, websites and Graphic objects which effectively promote my clients work and services. I apply a process of ideation and...