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    Hovhannes Nazlukhanyan
    Manager of a group programmers
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    Welcome to our IT Team – where innovation reigns supreme! Meet our architects, the blueprint maestros crafting robust digital structures. ️ Our developers? They're the code wizards turning lines into user-friendly magic. ✨ Don't forget our designers – pixel-perfect artists making apps both sleek and stunning. Testing? We've got it covered. Bugs don't stand a chance against our squad. And our project managers? They're the conductors keeping our digital symphony in perfect harmony. Together,...

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    Vardan Smbatyan
    React Developer
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    I'm a freelance React developer with [X] years of experience crafting dynamic web applications. Specializing in frontend development, I excel in building immersive user interfaces and optimizing performance. My collaborative approach ensures projects meet client objectives, from small-scale applications to enterprise systems. Let's turn your ideas into reality together. Get in touch, and let's build something amazing.

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    Shakhboz Vohidov
    от 900 руб. за час

    Привет, меня зовут Шахбоз, и я Middle-разработчик с опытом в Full-stack Web-development, продолжительностью 3 года. В моем арсенале не только технические навыки, но и выдающиеся soft-skills. Я всегда стараюсь глубоко понять потребности заказчика и сотрудничать с ним, чтобы создать качественный и масштабируемый продукт. Если именно такой результат вам нужен, то вы попали по адресу. Давайте воплотим вашу идею в реальность! ----- Hello, I'm Shahboz, a Middle-level developer with 3 years of...

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    от 70 000 руб. за месяц

    Меня зовут Артем, я занимаюсь iOS разработкой с начала 2020 года. Имел практический опыт: UIKit, SwiftUI, ARKit, Reality Kit, Combine, SnapKit, Core Data, Firebase, Alamofire, Realm. Также есть выложенные приложения в Appstore.

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    Константин Хорунжев
    Unity 3d, разработка игр
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    Программист Unity3d, включая дополненную и виртуальную реальность, аттракционы (например, "доска для серфинга"+обычный экран или HMD VR, "пушка"+VR или mixed reality etc. Детали в портфолио на моем сайте www.fourarcticfoxes.com , LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/constantinekh/ , Также можете глянуть видео на https://vimeo.com/khkcontact Подробное резюме здесь: https://spb.hh.ru/resume/8f66b9dcff06b96c500039ed1... Работаю с Unity3d и в GameDev с 2012, в том числе примерно 2 года в качестве...

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    Денис Козлов
    Senior ASP.NET MVC/JS Develope
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    I'm well-qualified Microsoft Certified .NET Developer with over 13 years of experience spanning ASP.NET 2.0 to ASP.NET 5 (vNext) and MVC in C# including transactional enterprise-level applications, e-commerce solutions, medical applications and scientific projects with team leadership end mentoring experience. Experienced in Agile software engineering processes and methodologies, Test Driven Development practice and I have depth knowledges of Object-Oriented Design and Object-Oriented...

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    Andrei Terёkhin
    Разработка AR/VR-приложений
    от 3 000 руб. за час

    More than 5 years expirience of AR/VR development. Maked a lot of virtual and augmented reality projects for mobile (Android, iOS, Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, Epson Moverio, Microsoft Hololens) and for desktop (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift). Youtube channel with examples of project. I have a full cycle team. We can make project from design and 3D modeling to code and publish app.

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    Vrezh Unanyan
    Mid 2 mobile developer
    от 2 500 руб. за час

    APPs: Daego(iOS), Lidl(iOS), Salt(iOS), QuickLine(iOS) Personal data Name Vrezh Unanyan Phone number +374 77 79 05 32 email vrezhunanyan@gmail.com Current position Software Engineer at “Instigate Mobile” CJSC Profile Full stack mobile development C++ AI Yolo framework Skills Programming Languages Swift, JAVA, C++ Database MySQL, SQLite(with Core Data) Tools Git, GCC, VIM, JIRA, Jenkins, Github, Xcode, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, Maven,...

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    Michael Galiew
    Разработка сайтов, преложжнтй.
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    I represent the company IT CAPITAL, we represent services.... what service Website development Integrated development sites of any complexity landing page, multi-page or online store) On Software development Development of a complex software02 IOS Android Mobile development applications on operating systems iOS and Android OS, Al - Intellect Development of artificial intelligence, its training and implementation, Marketing Setting up so, coition Google Ads, VR / AR -...

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    #Electronic courses, #Microrning #Gamification #Chat_Bot #Virtual reality #Augmented Reality #CMS[ #LMS #CRM #CLA #LAMP #Linux #Linux #React

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    Paul Strech
    Разработка приложений и сайтов
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    We are a team of professionalists with great passion, energy, and high knowledge for what we do! We love finding solutions to complicated problems by solving the unsolvable We always think big, design smart, and develop fast. We're ready to turn any of your idea into a reality.

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    от 2 000 руб. за час

    I have a university degree in IT and radio technical engineering, that helps solve any engineering problems related to 3D graphics, AR/VR in any web browser and any smartphones, PC, MAC, TV. I love and designing and web developing and photos, and found myself in a symbiosis between all these areas of activity and came to Web-based Augmented Reality. At first, I dabbled as hobby Lens Studio by Snap Inc. (Snapchat), then Spark AR Studio by Facebook. Then I learned WebAR, WebXR, WebVR, Web3D...

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    Victoria Kabanova
    Web development
    цена договорная

    We are Leviossa IT - software development company can provide you with the various services - from creating simple landing pages to complex architectural solutions. We have worked with both large international teams and small startups - but the one thing our clients have in common is satisfaction with the excellent result. Our hard skills: ❂ Back-end development with Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Express.js, Python; ❂ Front-end development with AngularJS/2+, React.js, Vue.js; ❂ Database...

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    от 2 000 руб. за проект

    Здравствуйте! Я занимаюсь созданием анимации, видео с дополненной реальностью или трюки с исчезновением предметов. Анимация - это отличный способ оживить ваше детище (будь это реклама вашего продукта или просто сторис для инстаграма). Работаю в таких программах как After Effects, Cinema 4D, Spark AR. Буду рад помочь Вам.

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    Софья Сергеева
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Языки программирования Swift и Objective C, любая нативная средаЭкспертиза UI / UX, интерфейсы в Sketch / PhotoshopПротоколы REST, JSON, CoreData, Augmented reality, Computer vision, OpenAL, OpenCV, OAuth, Real time synchronization, Location servicesШирокая география клиентов: США, Европа, ОАЭ, Китай и другие

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    Michael S. Kataev
    Lead software engineer
    цена договорная

    В общей сложности профессиональный опыт в IT сфере более 12 лет. Из них: больше года разработки VR игр на Unreal Engine; 3 года в среде разработки Unity3d на языке программирования C#; 4 года являюсь руководителем группы разработчиков; 5 лет в сфере разработки игр; 9 лет программирования на C++; 11 лет опыта профессионального программирования; образование с математическим уклоном. Основным языком ООП является C++. Большой опыт программирования на C#, C,...

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    Ivan Mazur
    Unity Game Developer
    от 400 руб. за час

    Навыки:C#, Java, C++ Unity3D, XNA Android, Windows phone and Windows Store applications XAML, WPF, WinFormsSolidity (blockchain) XML, JSON MongoDB, NoSQLGit, SourceTree, SVN, Tortoise Мои проекты:World Clash - in Action Games Lab S.A. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com....Nelly's Puzzle Jam - in Action Games Lab S.A. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com....Lore - in Hothead ballon team. https://www.facebook.com/LoretheGame . Interactive fairytale set in the world of...

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    от 600 руб. за час

    Hello there, thanks for coming to my profile. My name is Anton. I'm a web developer. I have some experience with unique and interesting projects. Based on the results of my work, you will receive the final draft. where visitors will have good impressions after using it. Very comfortable and passionate about adopting ideas and bringing them to life through technology Well-organized with an ability to prioritize tasks Highly drive to meed deadlines Capability to work and flourish in fast-paced...

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    Евгений Лозин
    web разработка
    цена договорная

    Senior Web developer(Laravel, Yii2, Angular2, Vue.js and MORE) Hello, I'm an senior Web Developer with 7-year commercial development experience. I build PHP/JavaScript/MySql based web-applications using most innovative tools. Recently I've been building projects for clients from the U.S. Last office job - beget.ru I have the following skills Backend : - PHP: Laravel, Lumen, Yii - Python Frontend: - JavaScript : Native, Jquery, Angular, Vue, Backbone - HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap API:...

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    Alexander Vizirov
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    Testing experience of more than 1.5 years. Strong organizational and communication skills, quick learner and a good team player. Focused on the result. Ready to get new knowledge to have more experience in the field and improve my professional skills. Have experience in Web, Mobile, Embedded, AR (Augmented reality). Also, have knowledge and experience in API testing (Postman).