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    Ilia Sorokin
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    Java software engineer, 1 year experience in the company. Graduated with honors from the specialty "System Analysis". I have extensive experience with Java, Python, databases and algorithms. I can help you solve any of your problems!

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    Константин Ростов
    Помогаю другим творить)
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    Некоторые образцы кода- https://github.com/kopristupin?tab=repositories

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    Данил Битяев
    Дизайн, монтаж, фотошоп, анали
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    Business Process Optimization, Intern • Business expansion project in the countries of Armenia and Uzbekistan • Configure the routing of written appeals to Customer Care Center • Configure the routing of oral appeals to Customer Care Center • Project to transfer part of calls to an outsourcing call center • Configure the routing type to transfer part of calls • Creating creating instruction for this process • Training of outsourcing call center agents handlining calls • Participation in the...

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    Alexander Ivanov
    Junior Python and NodeJs Developer
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    SKILLS High-level skills in development in the Python and Javascript (NodeJS) programming languages. Extensive experience in creating various scale web applications on the Django / Flask / Express.JS frameworks. In the course of various projects, I often work with the necessary APIs (Facebook API, Freelancehunt API, Telegram API, etc.). Also, I am developing my own API on the Django REST Framework. While working on applications, I adhere to the principles of SOLID and OOP methodology. I...

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    Эдгар Амирбекян
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    Привет! Я разработчик программного обеспечения с профессиональным опытом работы в качестве системного разработчика на C ++, и full-stack веб разработки на React.js и Ruby on Rails. Пишу поддерживаемый код в соответствии с шаблонами проектирования и готов помочь вам в ваших проектах. В основном ищю кратковременную работу, но также рассмотрю интересные предложения о долгосрочной работе. Я очень хороший командный игрок, всегда готов сотрудничать и вносить свой вклад в необходимые ситуации. Я...

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    Misha Beliy
    Machine Learning
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    I have started Startup, finished Yep! Starter and winner of the regional coding competitions. Startup allows users to index their youtube-podcasts in Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts. Participated in AI Hackathon where I was a training model to classification tweets on 13 classes. Trained some models, but the best accuracy turns out the Convolutional Neural Network. It isn't obvious, but exciting. Some time ago I participated in programming (algorithm) contests. Third place in...

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    Abigail Scott
    SEO Tech Professional, SMM
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    SEO Portfolio: http://www.fadooseo.com/portfolio/ Technical SEO, SEM, CRO Consultant for international international enterprises with audits improvement implementations. From 2011 to today I have audited above Google combined algorithm (including latest updates). I have been audited & implemented by Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools & Google Search Console for all my fellow clients. The Google's of the One top a contributor in the Google search the forums and have Been...

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    I'm a 4-year student at Ferghana branch of Tashkent University of Information Technology. I have 2 years experience from c++(algorithm). I have 1 years experience from yii2 framework. i am 24 years old.

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    Alexey Zlobin
    Java Developer
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    2018 – present: PMBP LTD ( Russia, Moscow ), Java Developer Developing game server (microservices REST/HTTPS, WebSockets) for multiplayer online game. Back-end (Java8, Akka, PlayFramework, Vaadin,Postgresql, Spring Security, Spring JPA), front-end (Unity 3D). 2017 – 2018: Optisor LTD (Rehovot, Israel), Full-Stack Developer Participation in the "CV bank" project. System for an applicants' management data. Registration, authentication, editing data,...

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    Опыт работы DataScientist 2 года, основные обязанности: построение мат. моделей для привлечения клиентов, по массовым коммуникациям, построение скорингов. Выполняю следующие задачи: сводная отчетность (MS Excel Power Pivot, графики и таблицы);построение мат.моделей с помощью R: регрессии, деревья решений, нейронные сети; выбор клиентов, которые с наибольшей вероятностью совершат покупку и т.д. - в зависимости от задачи;кластеризация клиентов/покупателей, классификация; анализ текста (Text...

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    Maxim Tkach
    Software Engineer
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    I'm Software Engineer (PHP & GO) with a lot of experience. My personality type the logician (INTP-A) and I'm business oriented programmer. I like PHP7, NoSQL Databases, ZMQ, Docker and create asynchronous applications. I know how work WebSocket, and I wrote RFC6455 library on PHP. My best project it is poker (fully written in PHP7 on server side). On server side I used Reactphp, ZMQ, Redis, Pthreads. The server part uses a docker, and the all is divided into 8 containers (6 services and 2...