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    Alexandr Shuklin
    Algorithmic trading
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    Занимаюсь разработкой торговых стратегий, роботов, экспертов, ботов на различных финансовых рынках. Начинал с 2008 на FOREX, mql4, mql5. В 2014 начал на крипто площадках, api торговля. С 2018 и по сей день изучаю ИИ и все что с ней связанно. Интуитивно понимаю 98% торговых стратегий и знаю как реализовать их.

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    Paul Strech
    Разработка приложений и сайтов
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    We are a team of professionalists with great passion, energy, and high knowledge for what we do! We love finding solutions to complicated problems by solving the unsolvable We always think big, design smart, and develop fast. We're ready to turn any of your idea into a reality.

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    Hi there I'm a digital designer with over 3 years of experience. I specialize in Web & Mobile UI Design that can primarily increase key performance indicators of your business. I'm currently using Figma/Sketch, Adobe Suite (Ps, Ai, Ae, XD), Principle, Marvel, Zeplin. Constantly looking for new ideas and software tools to solve customer's problems ⚡️ So I would be glad to cooperate with you if you need: UI/UX Web & Mobile (iOS/Android) wireframing, design, prototyping; High...

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    Александр Александр
    Админ Linux, DBA, разработчик
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    IaC: Pulumi & Terraform, Ansible Containers: Helm & Kubernetes, Buildah & Docker Public cloud: AWS, Azure, Linode On-premise private & hybrid cloud: OpenNebula, KVM, Firecracker Monitoring: Zabbix & Netdata, Prometheus & Grafana, ELK CI/CD: Jenkins (including Groovy), GitLab, SonarCube DBMS: IBM DB2 & PostgreSQL via nHibernate, Redis & Tarantool, Debezium Analytics: Pentaho & ClickHouse OS: Devuan, OpenBSD Guest OS: ^above, Alpine, AntiX ...

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    I have a university degree in IT and radio technical engineering, that helps solve any engineering problems related to 3D graphics, AR/VR in any web browser and any smartphones, PC, MAC, TV. I love and designing and web developing and photos, and found myself in a symbiosis between all these areas of activity and came to Web-based Augmented Reality. At first, I dabbled as hobby Lens Studio by Snap Inc. (Snapchat), then Spark AR Studio by Facebook. Then I learned WebAR, WebXR, WebVR, Web3D...

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    Shyngys Nurzhan
    Computer Science
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    Я учусь на 3 курсе в Назарбаев Университете. Имею опыт работы на разных языках программирования (Java, C++, Javascript). Делал консольные (спортивное программирование) и веб приложения (разработка website-ов).

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    Vladimir Ryzhak
    Software developer
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Software developer About me in one sentence Passionately curious 29 years old developer from Russia ready to come up with the solutions for your problems. Latest projects: http://www.ryzhak.com/projects/ Feel free to contact me.

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    Nick Kharkovsky
    Системный Администратор
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    I'm June as a Linux system administrator. I have a lot of experience finding hardware problems on PC. At the moment I work as a TechOps engineer in NameCheap. I have experience in using and configuring Mail services, as well as their maintenance. Working with hypervisors and VMs, respectively and working with HTTP Servers. In general, I do everything that comes to hand.

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    Ulan Turganov
    Frontend разработчик
    от 800 руб. за час

    I am front-end developer with more than 3 years of commercial experience working with: - JavaScript ES5+, TypeScript - AngularJS, Angular 7/8, VueJS, jQuery, ReactNative (with Expo) - Grunt/Gulp/Webpack, Angular CLI, Vue CLI - HTML5 and CSS3, SASS/LESS, responsive layouts - Bootstrap, Angular Material, Vuetify - RxJs, Vuex - TFS, Trello, Jira, Swagger, Slack - good understanding of web services and SOA related standards like REST/OAuth/JSON - extensive experience integrating with...

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    Artem Komarov
    от 5 000 руб. за проект

    "Professionals, Hello! I really want my first order. Thank you for coming to my profile." I am a web developer with 1 year experience. I have knowledge in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Technical Skills: - Frontend: HTML, CSS ( inc. css animations, svg ), JavaScript ( jQuery ) I carefully follow the latest innovations and trends in the field of web-development. I quickly learn new things and use the most effective methods for solving problems. Working with me, you get a qualified and quality...

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    Максим Пакин
    Разработка ПО
    от 2 100 руб. за час

    Senior .NET Developer, Architect, Team Lead. Sigma Ukraine (at past Eclipse-SP LLC). December 2007 – present time. 2011 master degree of computer science at National Aerospace University – Kharkiv Aviation Institute “KHAI”. Languages: Russian – fluent Ukrainian – fluent English – can attend interview, communicate on daily basis and work in English-spoken team. In general: have wide experience in .NET (C#) development: including desktop, web, mobile (iOS and Android platforms support via...

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    от 1 400 руб. за час

    Software Developer with 2,5+ years of strong working experience in iOS software engineering. Ability to work in a team. Ability to analyze problems, find solutions and implement them. Some examples: Project 1 I worked in a large team on a cross-platform application from the moment of creation to uploading to AppStore. I was responsible for the login and sign up flow, the UI part, coordinator and routing logic, notifications, analytic, database, network, Today Extension,...

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    Yakov Petrov
    Product Designer/UI|UX
    от 1 300 руб. за час

    In the field of design, in general since childhood)). I like working with interfaces, solving problems, asking a lot of questions and getting to the bottom of it, although I had to work with souvenir products as well. I expect the job and the employer to understand why this is done and why, the right focus in the work. Also do a product that solves the problem and satisfies the positive result. To get feedback on the success of the product. I perceive criticism adequately and listen to it,...

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    Андрей Семёнов
    UX: Strategy & Design
    от 1 200 руб. за час

    Hi! I'm a UX Designer with startup mindset. I use a Lean UX approach to design products that solve customer problems and unlock business grow. SERVICES — Human Centered Design — Agile UX — Lean UX WORK PROCESS 1. Briefing 2. Plan design process 3. Approval scope of Work 4. Produce design solutions 5. Approval design solutions 6. [Optional] Author's supervision of design solutions implementation 7. [Optional] Hypothesis testing and design solutions...

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    Иван Мыць
    Переводчик английского
    от 270 руб. за тысячу знаков

    Hello my dear clients. My name is Vania. I am a dedicated translator from Ukraine who graduated Kyiv National Linguistic University and completed the full course of study. But during two years I have been living in Bournemouth, Great Britain. I achieved professional qualification (expert in translation - the English Language). I always take care of the most complex requests, regardless of the subject matter of the source document. Skills and services: -Translation Ukrainian English ...

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    Alla Davtyan
    UI development
    цена договорная

    I am a Bachelor Computer Science student who has learned C++, QT, LISP, Assembly during the university course. Meanwhile fighting University challenges I found myself quite interested in many fields of programming. While expecting from University deep knowledge in my field, I found out that I have to do everything alone and only rely on myself. So I started trying many fields in CS, solved quite a lot algorithmic problems.Now I'm working as junior UI developer and I am ready to take the...

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    Dmitry S.
    Software Developer (JavaScript, Node.js, React)
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    I've been a Software Developer since 2013, and lately I specialty is a full-stack web apps development. I can able to design and implement all parts of a multi-level system. For example, this includes things such as backend, frontend, work with the database, configure web-server, etc. I have experience programming in JavaScript (Node.js), HTML5, CSS3, SQL, C, Elixir, Haskell, etc. I have commercial experience project management and I ready to lead the team to the result. I can doing it...

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    Andrey Saratov
    Fullstack JS development
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    I possess about 7 years of progressive experience in the web developing. Last 3 years working remotely as the main JS developer (full stack) in big american startup. During this time, the business has increased more than 4 times, all applications have become more responsive and user-friendly, as easy to develop and support. I inherited a product fraught with technical problems. During this time were made regular releases of major features and decreased infrastructure costs, all while...

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    Denys Madin
    Python, Django
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Web Developer, Python Django. Date of Birth: 01.10.1984 Koszalin Poland, Cherkasy Ukraine T: +48 572 316 484 Viber: +48 572 316 484 Email: madinden84@gmail.com Web Site: bywaly.com Skills: PythonDjangoNginxLinuxMySqlPostgreSQLGITDockerJavaScriptAjaxWordPress Personal qualitiesDiligence, responsibility, I am able to solve difficult problems. I have experience in a team, I know GIT. example of my code: https://bitbucket.org/Grek_UA/portfolio/src/work_1...

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    Роман Попов
    Разработка электроники
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    WHAT I DO: I help Startups and Small Business Owners solve problems with the development of a prototype, MVP or unique electronic equipment for your business by providing R&D, electronic circuit and PCB design, prototyping, troubleshooting, and preparation of documentation for serial production. WHY IT WORKS: I have been working with small business and start-up entrepreneurs for over 10 years and I can make the most effective, efficient and affordable offer for you. WHAT MAKES ME...

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    от 1 200 руб. за час

    опыт работы5 лет опыта · Английский Pre-IntermediateI am a Python developer with a background working in financial markets building and executing trading strategies for Quantopian, TradingView and zipline framework. I am experienced with building reporting systems that automate recurrent tasks, and presenting visually appealing data. I have extensive experience using (Python 2.7-3.7.x,conda, pipenv, virtualenv, pandas,pip,highcharts,matplotlib,zipline) and statistical analysis to build...

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    Kateryna Rybiy
    ReactJS, HTML/CSS + JS
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    Profile I am interested in front-end web development and everything related to it. I am learning fast and practicing a lot. As this area is new to me, I am keen on gaining more real-world experience. For this reason, I am looking for a company willing to offer me a placement among their developers. In return, I would offer my full commitment, and be a pleasant and friendly addition to the team. Responsible, diligent and hard-working. I'm not afraid of novelties and readily take on problems. ...