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    Mikhail S. Kataev
    Lead software engineer
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    В общей сложности профессиональный опыт в IT сфере более 12 лет. Из них: больше года разработки VR игр на Unreal Engine; 3 года в среде разработки Unity3d на языке программирования C#; 4 года являюсь руководителем группы разработчиков; 5 лет в сфере разработки игр; 9 лет программирования на C++; 11 лет опыта профессионального программирования; образование с математическим уклоном. Основным языком ООП является C++. Большой опыт программирования на C#, C,...

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    Михаил Шашин
    Software Engineer
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    I’m a software developer on jvm platform. I've been using Java and Groovy since 2014 and continuously investigate modern practices and processes in software development. At work I usually use Java 8, Spring (Boot, MVC, Security, Data, AOP), Elasticsearch, JMS, and many others. I have deep understanding of collections realization (HashMap, LinkedHashMap, ConcurrentHashMap, TreeMap and others), multithreading (Runnable vs. Callable, volatile, executors, Fork/Join, parallel streams and others),...

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    Lawrence Pemberton
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    1) Программирование микропроцессорных систем. 2) Написание ПО 3) Администрирование Linux/Unix 4) 3D Моделирование 5) 3D печать.

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    I'm working with embedded systems for 18 years, writing software for microcontroller's architecture :AVR(ATMega), PIC, ARM(STM32, AT90SAM7S,LM4F120),MSP430. Using all modern and classical interfaces: RS232, RS485, CAN, USB, SDIO, Ethernet(TCP/IP stacks), I2C, SPI and so on. Using RTOS(FreeRTOS) and bare-metal. Also writing PC-utilities for connecting with controllers(Python, C++, Qt)

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    Денис Пантилеенко
    Администратор баз данных
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    Selection of a complete set harware(supermicro, Disk Array Enclosure (DAE), raid storage controllers, assembling and configuring hardware. Deploying and configuring CentOS 7, Postgresql( with backup,failover - hot standby), monitoring(zabbix). Setting up scheduller pgagent, connection pool pgbouncer for Postgresql. Supporting development stand(jenkins). Participation in development of database structure, setting up partition mechanism for tables, searching "bottle necks" on queries layer,...

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    Anton Codesuper
    Go, Python, Rust, Swift
    от 50 000 руб. за проект

    My Resume and CV has some overlapping data because there are some situations when they (CV and Resume) distributing separately This Resume is a number of my provable skills. I placed keywords in separate sections for convenient search. I have a lot of interests except my full time work so do not feel yourself suspiciously with my list of knowledges. I am sorry. Contact info email: antononrails@gmail.com;skype: hkugapouah.Social github: lovesuper.Common skills \^_^ Procedural programming,...

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    Евгений Васюк
    Android development
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    2 year of hands-on programming experience with Java. 1 year of applying programming experience with C\C++ for micro-controllers. Executive Android Developer with over 2 year experience. I am getting pleasure of participating in product creation\supporting process with high-loads and real-time multimedia processing. Key features: VoIP, real time multimedia processing, advanced appliance of native libraries

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    Сергей Федянин
    PHP программист
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    - 5 лет совокупного опыта в web программировании - расширенные знания PHP, JAVA,AJAX, HTML/DHTML, CSS, XML/XSLT, MySQL, SQL - расширенные знания разных CMS: 1C-Bitrix, Wordpress, Joomla - расширенные знания Delphi, VB - расширенные знания MS Windows Servers, MS Exchange Servers - расширенные знания CRM систем - расширенные знания TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, AD, VPN, VOIP, LAN/WAN, WINS, VLAN, Radius, NOVELL, CNC, SCADA, PROFIBUS, Controllers - знания Linux, FreeBSD - языки: English -...