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    Mikhail Orlov
    Копирайтер, редактор и перевод
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    Образование - бакалавр, магистр биологии, МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова (каф. биофизики) научный стаж: более 3 лет на научной ставке, как исследователь занимаюсь биофизикой, экологическим моделированием и анализом данных. https://istina.msu.ru/profile/orlovma/ - мои публикации в системе «Истина» Также имею опыт в качестве автора статей в научно-популярных журналах («Природа» РАН, «Кот Шредингера», «Потенциал», «Вокруг света»,«Наука и жизнь»,«Ойла» ) Мои популярные и энциклопедические статьи...

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    Hello! I am a 3rd year undergraduate student in fundamental and applied linguistics. I specialize in NLP and also have experience in data analysis, data visualization and machine learning. My coursework last year involved using the K-Means algorithm to cluster sentences based on syntactic information, this year we used recurrent neural networks and syntactic representations (syntactic N-gramms) for attribution authorship. I really like this area, I will be glad to cooperate with you and perform...

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    Maria Slaviner
    UX UI designer |Graphic design
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    I am open to job offers for Junior UX UI Designer. I follow my way, and you will understand why. Design is everywhere and it has surrounded me since childhood. My mom is a fashion designer and artist, and I have always wanted to be creative and make the world better. While studying at the Faculty of Linguistics, at the age of 20, I began to master Photoshop and Illustrator. I have taken small steps to do what bring me delight and I have created brochures, logos, illustrations, checklists,...