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    Hasan Tanji
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    Hasan Tanji was born in Moscow, Russia in 1993. He lived in Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus from 1996 to 2013, when he returned to Moscow because of the war in Syria. He has studied montage and visual effects as well as directing and cinematography at the Russian Culture Center in Damascus. He worked for Syrian TV as an editor and visual effects maker. Camp Faces is his first film. Together with other Palestinians, Tanji founded ‘The Palestinian Assembly of Creativity.’ In 2011 they produced...

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    Igor Klimin
    Адаптируюсь к новым условиям
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    Creative Skills: ✓ Quickly adapting to a new situation ✓ Skillful in preparing scripts for different children’s and adult’s activities. ✓ Proficient in directing commercial plays that implicate scripts or editing previously written scenario. Management Skills: ✓ Management of projects from planning to execution including project closure activities ✓ Good teamworking skills and supervising projects with increased responsibility in teams of 15 members ✓ Remarkable skills in planning of...

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    Максим Охрименко
    Дизайн; Мультимедиа;
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    Hello, I'm senior designer and director. I started my career in 2007 and I'm always trying to improve my skills. I have worked in several creative agencies and has accumulated a lot of experience. I like my job and therefore always meet the needs of customers, I always go with my clients until the end and do everything to run projects successful. I am very punctual, responsible and professional. So if you want quality work, feel free to mail me and I'll be happy to work with you. You can...

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    Denis Poluyanov
    3D Generalist
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    Project leader's Services – Game design. Art directing. Project management. 3D generalist's Services – Character animation. Characters modeling, texturing, riging. Object modeling, texturing, riging, animation. Dynamic simulation. Light & rendering. Video producer's Services - Composing. Postproduction. VFX. Motion design. Script writing. Software - Maya ZBrush Digital Fusion After Effects Adobe Premiere Mental ray Photoshop Illustrator

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    Vitaly Todorovych
    iOS Developer
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    Summary of Qualifications: I have 3 years of professional experience in iOS application development, half a year with C++ development. I have implemented more then 10 iOS projects of various sizes, full application design from scratch, working on requirements analysis and specifications, issues detection, analysis and resolving, coding, testing, performance, code improvement and maintenance. I have experience in working with version control and...