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    Pawel Stasinski
    NLP NLU Enginner Speech Recognition Scientist Telegram/Whatsapp bot developer
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    Good morning! Я знаю русский! В основном работаю на Upwork, отзывы клиентов найдете здесь: https://twitter.com/fuwiak I've completed more than 20 projects with success connected with Data Science. Most of them were connected with Machine Learning, like data generation with LTSM, voice synthesis using Tacotron, Speech Recognition in Octave, or Python. I've to prepare signal processing in Matlab. Создаю Telegram/Whatsupp bot на Python - телеграм бот с функцией ответа Функции: -...

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    I am a passionate Full Stack Web Developer, who loves modern web development and has over 10 years of experience in this area. Over the past 3 years I have worked with startups and international companies over the past three years and communicated with different teams. At the moment I am also an IT entrepreneur who leads a team and develops his own product. I believe in strong partnerships, and I feel like my extensive expertise and solid soft skills – responsibility, customer service,...

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    Андрей Коваль
    Сайты под ключ
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    Компания-специалист в сферах создания интернет-ресурсов и продвижения бизнеса онлайн. В лице Qberry Digltal Agency Вы получаете надежного и выгодного партнера, который обеспечивает полным набором услуг разработки, развития и сопровождения ресурсов и бизнеса в Сети.Разработка сайтов под ключ:Разработка интернет-магазинаРазработка каталога/визиткиРазработка Ladnign PageРазработка маркетплейсов и сервисов Программируем на: Мобильная верстка на: Разметка с помощью: Библиотеки +...

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    Victor Tihomirov
    Frontend Developer
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    Professionall Summary: I am a JavaScript-developer with a vast array of knowledge in many different front end and back end technoleges, responsive frameworks, databases. Skills: Frontend: HTML/CSS, Javascript, ES6, Jquery, Bootstrap 3+ Frameworks: Angular4+, Vue.js, React.js Backend: Node.js, REST API Frameworks: Express.js Databases: MySQL, PostgresSQL, MongoDB Mobile Development: Native Script, Ionic Framework

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    FullStack developer specializing in front and back end development, particulary in MERN (Mongo, Express, React, Node) stack. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Hope some day to fix some bugs in the Universe code. Until then explore the ingredient composition of cookies from the Dark Side.

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    Batyr Baris
    Software Developer
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    I have done backend of many projects (API and DataBase )

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    Виктор Матовых
    Software Architect / Tech Lead
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    Over 15 years of software development experience. * Development of complex informational systems involving databases, applications, web interfaces, APIs and custom hardware * Development of high-efficiency software (including REST API in C/C++) * Experience in windows kernel mode and security drivers development * Decentralized services and cryptocurrency forks * System / Desktop / Web / Database / Other software development Preferred technologies: C/C++, PHP (yii2/laravel), C#,...

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    Mykhailo YATSYHSYN
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    Experienced Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in PDO, SQL, PHP, E-commerce, and CMS Typo3, Magento. Opencart Strong information technology professional with a Junior Specialist focused in Commodity, businessman from Technology College of Business and Law Eastern National University.

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    Viktor Ewing
    UX/UI Дизайн
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    I am a UX/UI Designer with more than 8 years of experience. I build websites and mobile apps that are visually appealing and easy to navigate. I love the fact that there is always something to learn, which makes every day an adventure. I enjoy making beautiful and simple products with a great user experience. My work is focused on achieving measurable results and creating meaningful products that engage and have a personality.

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    qi di
    вычислительная техника
    цена договорная

    I am ЧО КУК СЕН(or jackson). I am powerful website and device software developer. I have graduated university FEFU of russia and my majority is computer engineering. Now I am looking my job that it is suitabel to my skills. I want to help of many freelancers.

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    I'm practicing Python and Django about two years. For me Python is on one of the programming languages that is easy to use, with great ecosystem and i understand the logic of the language quite well. I want to improve my skills in IT sphere. I'm looking for a professional team to become a part of it. Technology - Django/Django-rest-framework/PostgreSQL/Gunicorn/Nginx/Linux Ubuntu/Tmux/Git

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    Oleg Petrunchak-Fesenko
    Head of Design
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    Namaskar! About myself - for the last 7 years I have been creating convenient ux, aesthetic ui, web-, digital projects. Until then, for the same 7 years, he had successfully worked in the direction of graphic design. In addition, it has been developed in Adobe After Effects + Cinema4d. since 2017. Zen skills in design: Theory and practice - form, colour, fonts;Hydes Material Design, HIG iOS;Modular grids, adaptive;Design systems and libraries;Sketch, Zeplin, inVision, Adobe XD, FigmaWorking...

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    Vasyl Maksym
    Full-stack developer
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    New to Habr, I'm a skillful full-stack developer with 15.000+ hours of indoor work background and passion for carefully crafted code. Powered by strong knowledge in Laravel and CSS, I turn your requirements into good-looking, bug-free, responsive websites/web applications - on time and budget.

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    Vladimir Zemskov
    Leader of Web&Mobile Dev Team
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    I am an experienced Technical Project and Product Manager. I am running my development team (roar-development.com) as a distributed team connected by technology since 2010. All these years we were customizing various eCommerce solutions, developing Web and Mobile applications for clients from overseas (mainly from US, UK, AU, NZ, and Europe). Also, I've developed our unique support & maintenance approach, aka productized consulting. ➢ Achievements > Led a team of various technical...

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    Alik Ohanyan
    Full Stack Web Developer / React Native Developer
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Hello ! I have 5 years of experience in Web Development and can deliver your project on time meeting all your expectations. Below please find the area of my expertise. Back End Development - PHP - Yii 2; Laravel - Node JS - Express; Sails.js; Hapi.js - Databases - MySQL; PostgreSQL; MongoDB - Libraries / APIs - Facebook; Google; PayPal; Stripe etc. Front End Development - JavaScript - Angular JS (2+); jQuery; ReactJS; VueJS - HTML/HTML5 - CSS/CSS3 - Bootstrap(3-4) Mobile...

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    Harut Aydinyan
    Software Engineer
    от 1 500 руб. за час

    Universal Front-end Developer with more than 2 years of experience in designing, developing and managing complex sites with external integrations and internal structures. Specializes in ReactJS and EmberJS and responsive design.

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    Юрий Тыщук
    Таргетинг, .NET, RoR
    от 1 200 руб. за час

    We are team of WEB Developers from Ukraine, we specialize in .NET and PHP stack. We`re allways searching for interesting projects or remote job. We can build an Web applications using .Net technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Ms Sql Server, Entity Framework, WCF, WebApi (REST) on server side and Angular, Vue on the clien side. There is some experiense with NopCommerce (eCommerce) CMS. With PHP stack we can quick build web sites on WorpPress and Joomla CMS, web stores based on...

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    от 975 руб. за час

    I'm a mobile developer with over 2+ years of experienced and software developer doing freelance, working remotely and looking for great projects to work on. I have built apps for Video communication apps, Entertainment, Social networks and Business communication applications. I can get the UI designs as well as the backend done. I like to work in a team, I easily find a common language with people. Prefer self-study.

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    Alexander Osipenko
    JavaScript Developer
    от 800 руб. за час

    I have more than 4 years’ of commercial experience in front-end development and maintenance of web applications, promo sites, e-commerce, etc. I can help you with any of the following: • Responsive web applications/sites/portals with cross-browser compatibility; • Web app planning and designing, maintenance and content management; • Post-release project support. Technologies: • HTML5 + CSS3 (SCSS & PostCSS), BEM, Animations; • JavaScript/ES6, React & Redux, node, Gulp,...

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    Harut Ginosyan
    Full Stack Engineer
    от 900 руб. за час

    Full Stack Engineer with with 4 years of proven experience Спецализация / Specialization: Разработка веб сайтов с нуля / Web Development from scratch Разработка серверной части приложения / Backend Development of application Разработка настольного приложения для Windows, Mac, Linux / Cross platform desktop application development Разработка JavaScript SDK и модулей / Development of JavaScript SDKs and modules Стeк разработки, фронт / Front Side Stack of...

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    Игорь Буяр
    веб программист
    цена договорная

    Добрый день / вечер меня зовут Игорь, мне 20 лет. Почему я? Я сделаю максимальную адаптивность вашего сайта хоть под 100px ширины, сделаю полную кросс - браузерность , после того я проверю ваш сайт на 3 популярных и 5 непопулярных браузеров , и так я повторю с телефонами . Если вы нашли баг и непрошло 2 дней , я исправлю его бесплатно . Похожи сайты которые я делал - http://asentus-of-building.cf Если остались вопросы , то спросите их здесь - viber : +380963544877