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    My hobby programming bots for telegrams using Rust https://github.com/ArtHome12

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    Антон Потапенко
    Android developer / Андроид ра
    от 880 руб. за час

    I have been developing games and applications on android for about two years. Including I have successful experience of working at Freelance and working in a team. Programming is my hobby and my attitude to it as an art. I strive to develop and learn new skills and experience of others, including foreign programmers, I try to apply the knowledge gained and implement it in my work. I am interested in complex tasks that require a certain amount of time. I am able to give my best 100% to meet the...

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    Эдуард Цысь
    Unreal Engine, Unity Developer
    от 500 руб. за проект

    I've been developing games for about 6 years, 3 of which were spent learning, the last 2 years I've been actively developing my own project. I chose Unreal Engine as my main engine, but I've been making a game on Unity for about a year. I have a team of 8 people, as well as hands-on experience in game development and presenting it to publishers. Game development takes up all my free time, it's not a hobby, but rather part of my life.

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    David Yuzbashyan
    UX/UI Design
    от 550 руб. за час

    Hello! I am David from Armenia and it has been three years since I got captivated by web design and started to create websites and apps. What was just a hobby, in the beginning, grew into a freelance job. In what Im specialized? ▸ Logo design & Branding ▸ Graphic design ▸ UI/UX Design When I working on a new project, I like to speak with the client, so that I can have a clear understanding of his/her needs and vision of the project. I love the work I do, my goal is to help you to...

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    Дмитрий Ужва
    Приложения и алгоритмы
    от 1 200 руб. за час

    I have 3+ years` experience developing native Android apps in Java and Kotlin. Also, I have some experience in writing cross-platform applications for mobile (Android/iOS) and desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) operating systems using Kotlin Multiplatform, JVM, React Native, Flutter technologies. I program both professionally and as a hobby. I have critical thinking and an understanding of development principles and programming for diverse operating systems. I always write clean and...

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    от 2 000 руб. за час

    I have a university degree in IT and radio technical engineering, that helps solve any engineering problems related to 3D graphics, AR/VR in any web browser and any smartphones, PC, MAC, TV. I love and designing and web developing and photos, and found myself in a symbiosis between all these areas of activity and came to Web-based Augmented Reality. At first, I dabbled as hobby Lens Studio by Snap Inc. (Snapchat), then Spark AR Studio by Facebook. Then I learned WebAR, WebXR, WebVR, Web3D...

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    Anton Nechaev
    Java developer
    от 1 500 руб. за час

    2012 - 2015 Android Developer 2015 - now Java Backend Developer hobby - smart house using raspberry, arduino and nodemcu

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    Павел Семенов
    ​iOS Разработчик
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    I am a programmer since 2006. I got my hands on my first iPhone in 2008 and started to explore iOS as a platform for development in 2009. Since then, I had almost 8 years of experience in commercial iOS development. Also, I have decent experience in UI/UX, especially for the almost all of the Apple's platforms. As a hobby, I learn prototyping using Framer X. ● Tools and Frameworks • Xcode • Instruments • CocoaPods • AVFoundation • AVKit • Accelerate • Alamofire • CloudKit • Cloudinary •...

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    Yura Antonyuk
    3d Artist
    от 600 руб. за час

    My name is Yura, I'm Ukrainian student. I love working with 3D graphics. 3D graphic for me means work and hobby. I mainly work with: - 3d Max + V-ray/Corona - Zbrush - Maya - UE 4 - Unity - Substance Desinger/Painter - Photoshop Among things I do best: • 3D Modeling / Rendering; • 3D Scanning / Photogrammetry • High Quality prints and Illustrations; • Texturing / Maping; • SetUp; •...

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    Георгий Шабунин
    Full stack developer
    от 1 200 руб. за час

    I am a software developer situated in Milan and currently working as a Full Stack dev with Node.js and React.js. Previously I worked with Ruby on Rails and earlier I had experience with Laravel. I love to engineer software, solve complex problems, while being able to deliver before deadlines. Besides web development, my current interests include CI and CD with Docker and BDD. I am a lifelong learner and a frequent visitor to online resources like pluralsight, codewars, udacity and many others. I...

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    Артем Утов
    Django framework developer
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    10 лет опыта в программировании (basic, pascal, c++, c#, php, python, javascript). Более 7 лет опыта в: Django framework (full stack веб разработка). Предпочитаемые технологии Django Rest Framework, jQuery, AngularJs, React+Redux, PostgreSQL. Инструменты: git, ansible, pycharm, gitlab (GitHub analog), chrome dev tools, etc. Хобби: администрировании и настройка серверов, решение ИТ проблем. Debian любимая серверная ОС. Значок Top Rated на upwork (вышлю ссылку на профиль за запросу). ...

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    Дмитрий Дудкин
    Front-end, back-end разработка
    от 500 руб. за час

    Full-stack JavaScript developer. Опыт 7 лет. Cтек: NodeJS / ReactJS(React Native) / MongoDB(MySQL) Занимаюсь разработкой с 0, поддержкой и рефакторингом проектов (переезд с angular на react, Ionic Framework -> React Native), быстрое прототипирование за минимальную цену и сроки, качественная разработка с покрытием тестами, микросервисами и CI/CD. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For English-speaking: ...

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    Anton Codesuper
    Go, Python, Rust, Swift
    от 50 000 руб. за проект

    My Resume and CV has some overlapping data because there are some situations when they (CV and Resume) distributing separately This Resume is a number of my provable skills. I placed keywords in separate sections for convenient search. I have a lot of interests except my full time work so do not feel yourself suspiciously with my list of knowledges. I am sorry. Contact info email: antononrails@gmail.com;skype: hkugapouah.Social github: lovesuper.Common skills \^_^ Procedural programming,...