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    Natalia Kalina
    Web design and development
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    IT Decision is a web development and design studio that creates digital products for any business no matter how complex it is. There are no limitations for us - fixing bugs and errors or extending functionalities of plugins to improve your product, developing a completely new website or adding clean code to an existing one. We are ready to solve your issues. Whether you need to automate your business processes, manage your brand’s relationships with clients, or want other companies to...

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    Viktor Ewing
    UI/UX Designer
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    Behance: be.net/vittorioewing Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/vittorioewin Telegram: https://t.me/vicecityewing I am a UX/UI Designer with more than 8 years of experience. I build websites and mobile apps that are visually appealing and easy to navigate. I love the fact that there is always something to learn, which makes every day an adventure. I enjoy making beautiful and simple products with a great user experience. My work is focused on achieving measurable results and creating...

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    I am a Full-Stack developer with industry experience building websites and web applications. My role is to write and style the front-end components that meet the requirements of the client's mocks and fulfill the client's requirements.

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    Юрий Тыщук
    Таргетинг, .NET, RoR
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    We are team of WEB Developers from Ukraine, we specialize in .NET and PHP stack. We`re allways searching for interesting projects or remote job. We can build an Web applications using .Net technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Ms Sql Server, Entity Framework, WCF, WebApi (REST) on server side and Angular, Vue on the clien side. There is some experiense with NopCommerce (eCommerce) CMS. With PHP stack we can quick build web sites on WorpPress and Joomla CMS, web stores based on...

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    Evgenii Strival
    Back-end Developer (PHP)
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    I prefer clear code and like new challenges. I’ll be glad to become a part of a cool and active team to change a world in better way. I prefer a healthy lifestyle like traveling, jogging and so on. Also to read books, the last one is Grokay algorithms. Me technical skills for now: • PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Yii2 • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ • HTML, CSS, Sass, Vue.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, MVC • Jira, Confluence, Redmine, Git • Docker • Visual Studio Code, PhpStorm, Git Bash Also my...

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    Денис Щ.
    Python, Машинное обучение
    от 100 000 руб. за месяц

    I have been doing Python for 3+ years and there are some interesting projects which I am ready to show: ParkAI - service prototype for tracking free parking spaces (using the video stream of the CCVT cameras)Lungs diagnostics - telegram bot, which can help you with diagnostics of legenevy (also CoViD-19)Abnormal Event Detection SystemI have experience with Docker and deploying containers directly on servers (AWS EC2, Google Cloud, Azure, Heroku (CI/CD solutions)). One of the projects that...

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    Диана Томилова
    Копирайтинг, SMM, статьи.
    от 400 руб. за проект

    Имею опыт в: - журналистике (писала биографическую статью про общественного деятеля); - сценаристике для игр ( подробный сценарий для двухсот уровней игры "Who is?"); - написании текстов для блога SMM ( социальные, научные темы); - социологических исследованиях; - знание английского B2-C1 Основополагающие факторы моей работы это качество и быстрота процесса.

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    Дмитрий Дмитриев
    от 800 руб. за час

    Hello, my name is Dmitry. In my portfolio, are a few of the programs that I’ve developed.When working on a new project, I like to speak with the client, so that I can have a clear understanding of his/her needs and vision of the project. Since 2014, I’m technical support engineer in ASCON. Developing plugins and SQL scripts. Also from 2017,I am a .Net developer. Кратко, на русском: .Net разработчик, с навыками java и python, javascript. Есть некий опыт работы на бирже Upwork, но по...

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    Martin Birulia
    Project Management
    от 80 руб. за час

    I have 3+ years in project management and managing requirements (as business analyst or product owner at various projects) Currently, I am working for a large enterprise telecom operator: A1 Belarus. I passionately manage projects in big data, machine learning and agile software development tech domains. My English level is Advanced, my CV you may receive by request Let me know if you are interested in having an interview with me, Sincerely, Martin Birulia

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    Irina Selivanova
    web designer
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    Hey! My name is Irina, I am a web designer. I design: - landing pages, - corporate sites, - small online stores. I have been designing for 2 years. I have worked in finance and sales. I love when every button and picture is justified, I understand the main goal of the site - making a profit. I am not a mega-cool designer who knows the answers to all questions, and I do not have cool works in my portfolio. But if you are in love with your product, open to communication and exchange of...

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    Сразу точки над и: - Я не ищу здесь работу как таковую - Здесь я по фану для себя помогаю людям, в интересных challenges. - Мне абсолютно пофигу на здешний рейтинг. - Я нахожу тут интересную задачку, списываюсь и обмениваюсь контактами и ухожу отсюда. Если мне интересна ваша задача, то зачастую я подписываюсь делать ее бесплатно (БЕЗВАЗДМЭЗДНО - т.е. ДАРОМ (с) Сова), просто потому что мне это интересно. Если люди не дают мне фидбека по результату, то они попадают в бан. Потому что мне...

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    Андрей Козей
    Software Engineer
    от 1 250 руб. за час

    Email: weareworkingpowerfully@gmail.com Github: https://github.com/kozeyandrey Skills Known programming languages: JS, Ruby, Java, Python Real Experience in: Frameworks: Node.js, React, Spring, Ruby on Rails (built few rest api projects);3-party SDKs, APIs and others.Unit-testsLove to use: AWS, DigitalOcean, Heroku;MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.Docker, VagrantGit (chery-pick, rebase and etc) Tools for tasks management: AsanaTrelloDesign patterns: Decorator, Prototype, Singleton, Factory method...

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    Kira Designer
    графический дизайн
    от 800 руб. за час

    Привет! Меня зовут Кира, я — графический дизайнер! ◘ Разработка логотипов ◘ Любая полиграфия ◘ Наружная реклама ◘ Графика для web ◘ Дизайн упаковки ◘ Векторный дизайн ________________________ Hey! My name is Kira I'm a graphic designer! ◘ Logo design ◘ Promotional and informational polygraphy ◘ Outdoor advertising ◘ Web Graphics ◘ Package design ◘ Vector design MY PORTFOLIO: https://www.behance.net/kiragazikdesign Reviews: https://kwork.ru/user/kiragazik ...

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    Василий Драгичевич
    Web development and design
    цена договорная

    UI/UX: One of the fundamentals of the triptych: our web design agency invests in its staff to bring in as much diverse experience and as many ideas as possible. Being able to see the other’s point of view is what makes us different. We don’t just think “that’s a good idea”. We test it and retest it. And we make sure it works. Interface DesignUsabilityInteractionsUser ExperienceAccessibilityAnimations Web design: Web design should be three things: human-centered, compelling and future-proof. We...

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    от 200 руб. за час

    I'm practicing Python and Django about two years. For me Python is on one of the programming languages that is easy to use, with great ecosystem and i understand the logic of the language quite well. I want to improve my skills in IT sphere. I'm looking for a professional team to become a part of it. Technology - Django/Django-rest-framework/PostgreSQL/Gunicorn/Nginx/Linux Ubuntu/Tmux/Git

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    Павел Шуклин
    от 1 100 руб. за час

    You can see the portfolio: https://www.behance.net/shuklinp https://dribbble.com/PNBlab Professional designer with 8 years of experience. Scince early years I realized, that practical involvement is a key to success in my work. Acquired skill was appreciated by different companies. Both to young startups and hugest Russian companies i was able to deliver stable level of quality and understanding of business meaning in any piece of work. There are different ways to do design. Mostly it...

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    Давид Мартиросян
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    I'm ambitious professional with huge background in web development. I enjoy software development and provide business solutions to my clients with using innovative thinking and proven techniques. I can work on your existing websites and also can build for you from very start to an awesome end. Knowledge of HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, Jquery. Knowledge of Bootstrap. Advanced knowledge of PHP. Strong understanding of OOP principles. Excellent knowledge of Laravel framework. Ability to work...

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    Писанюк Богдан
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Hello! My name is Bohdan and I am freelance web developer specializing in small to medium sized business websites using the most current technologies to provide the best user experience while satisfying customer needs. Currently I have experience working with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Sass, Bootstrap. I am studying JavaScript and Vuejs and have some basic skills of it. My Tools: - Sublime Text 3 - Atom - Brackets - Visual studio code - Slack - Telegram - Messenger - Adobe Photoshop -...

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    Катерина Шувалова
    Веб разработка
    от 1 200 руб. за час

    Hi there, I am a Project Manager in The IT Decision web development team with 5+ years of experience in IT. Have an understanding of the development process and experience in managing development teams. Core Skills: - Team Management, - Requirements gathering, - Business and requirements analysis, - Project planning, - Technical writing. Our tech team can solve your problem related to web development. We are a holistic-thinking team that is very attentive to the details. Our...

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    Матвей Полетаев
    Международные отношения
    от 30 000 руб. за месяц

    My name is Matvei Poletaev. I am 24 y.o. I am from Moscow, Russia, but currently I live in Barcelona, Spain. I have a bachelor's degree in International Relations (Russian State University for the Humanities), master's degree in International Regional Studies (The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation), master's degree in European Integration (Autonomous University of Barcelona). I speak Russian, English,...

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    Анастасия Васильева
    Спецификации и документация
    от 500 руб. за час

    ПОслежние 3 года плотно работаю с разного рода техн. документацией в ИТ проектах(описание AS IS и TO BE). Кайфую от проработкки макетов, user stories к новым продуктам/модулям. Умею задавать правильные вопросы. Основные скилы: • Проработка требований: описание бизнес-логики, user stories, UI/UX изменений, краевых условий, границ разрабатываемой функциональности • Создание пакета пользовательской документации на разрабатываемый продукт; • Подготовка внутренней технической документации по модулям...

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    от 500 руб. за час

    Hello! I'm ASP.NET Core Developer with emphasis on the server-side. I have been working as a developer from 2018 and I'm familiar with various technologies (most of them are .NET based). I have passed all stages from junior developer to Middle+. Combining research, architecture, development, management, coordination and communication tasks is not a big deal for me. My portfolio contains 50+ projects: WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET. I started projects from scratch and got the existing code...

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    Артур Трофимов
    Frontend development
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Hi there!My name is Artur. I have been working in the field of front-end web development for more than 3 years. Below is a short recap of my relavant skills and qualification: - HTML5, CSS3 - PSD-to-HTML, PSD-to-WP + responsive design - Jquery, JavaScript - Bootstrap 3/4 - Flexbox - LESS/ SASS/ SCSS - Gulp/ Grunt preprocessors - Git for version-conrolling I will be happy to work on the new projects, that will be both interesting and challenging. I work quickly and efficiently. Just...