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    Gang Tan
    Flutter&Dart | Android | IOS
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    I am a hardworking, highly proficient IT professional and an Senior Mobile developer skilled with all the tools required for the art of creating marvelous Apps. - I have a passion to create wonderful and eye-catching Web Apps that appeal to both the users needs and senses. By this time I have learned to tackle various kinds of projects and provide their further development with new versions and maintenance. - I am currently Mobile/Web developer. I have over 7 years of experience in...

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    здесь без подписок и постоянных проплат что-либо делать невозможно, поэтому смело пишите на почту Администрирование (12+ лет): Linux, CentOS, LVM, RAID, NGINX, Zabbix, Ansible, DevOps, продукты Atlassian Люблю стэк Koltin + Spring Boot + Angular, люблю Rust :)