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    Иван Супрун
    IOS приложения, Web Design
    от 800 руб. за час

    Making of new sites designs and finalization the design of existing sites (e-commerce websites, portals, portfolio websites, landing pages designs), responsive websites design, adaptive websites design, UI / UX design, creation of the banners and logotypes, redrawing in vector images, retouching photos, collages, more than 80 websites and applications designs.

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    Галина Феллер
    Администрирование Linux, Технический писатель, DevOps
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    I'm IT specialist with 5+ years of work experience. I have college diploma in Information Security, also Incomplete Bachelor in Information Security. I have experience in deployment and administration of email systems, Windows and Linux server. Also I'am developing some automatisation scripts (bash, python, powershell) and fullstack web-developing (HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL, CMS: CS-cart, CodeIgniter, WordPress, etc). I have experience in developing clear admin and user guides. I have the...

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    Anton Rak
    Инженер - программист
    от 600 руб. за час

    I am engaged in the development of sites: 1c - Bitrix, a bit of WordPress, I’m studying and already making sites on the Laravel framework. I know with PHP Native and technology: Ajax , JS, HTML, css, (Less, Sass), OOP, Sphinx, MySQL, Git... Responsible,purposeful,punctual,careful. I want to develop continuously and increase my skill in web-development. I want to write quality code,to work with a team of professionals and to get experience with new technologies. All information on the link...

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    Yuriy Kovalev
    Creative Director
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Yuriy is a passionate entrepreneur and cryptocurrency trader. Currently based in Thailand, Yuriy is working on zenfuse - the intelligent platform for cryptocurrency traders and investors. He supercharges the team with his passion and energy making zenfuse crew more motivated and boosting the productivity to the next level. His extraordinary communicating skills help make new business connections, raise funds and attract the best talents to join his mission. Being a Bitcoin evangelist, Yuriy...

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    Евгений Dublic
    Продажи, Разработка, ИТ
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Написание продающих ком. предложений;  Умею достигать огромного количества контактов с моим предложением;  Отличные навыки улова потребителей;  Уникальные знания и опыт в веб-медия и ИТ (сайты, SEO, видео, соц. сети и пр.);  Опыт продаж сложного оборудования и услуг B2B, товаров-услуг B2C;  Обожаю системный подход к продажам;  Умею точно замерять КПД;

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    Егор Коткин
    тексты, лонгриды, консалтинг
    от 1 000 руб. за тысячу знаков

    Egor is an exceptional copywriter and a master of appealing to a modern audience. It's been several years during which we were working with Egor and his team on multiple projects, and they’ve managed to execute everything efficiently and smoothly. During the Polybius mid 2017 token sale, his publications on Medium and Geektimes reached about 20% of our future ICO audience, making his contribution one of the biggest impacts on our project. Edgar Bers Product Manager/Owner at...

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    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Four years of gaining a bachelor degree and 2 years of a master program in Russia and Germany provided a strong foundation of skills in the information business–analysis specialization. As it requires a math background, an ability to think logically, skills of laborious studying the subject area and a possibility of fast and accurate decision-making, in university and during the past work experience of almost 4 years in Logistics and Fintech a lot of skills have been learned: data analysis with...

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    Матвей Куликов
    System Administration
    от 1 500 руб. за час

    I have 3 years' experience in IT Architecture (I can help with sizing hardware and making design), 5 years' experience in maintenance and configuring IT systems in private and public clouds. My skills are Linux (Debian and Ubuntu, LAMP, SQUID, ipfw), Microsoft (Hyper-V, RDS, AD, DNS, DHCP, SCCM, VMM), VMware (vShpere, vSAN), DataCore (software-defined storage). I have experience with such cloud providers: Amazon (EC2), Digital Ocean, Microsoft (Azure). Because of I have been working at the...

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    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Hi there! I'm Web developer with 3+ years of experience in backend development. It's important to me to build long term relationships with clients and be involved in development during application life cycle as long as possible in order to make application to provide better services level on every stage, so I'm primarily looking for long term projects. Few things which I can do: ✅ Laravel/Yii projects ✅ REST API ✅ Mobile app backend using Laravel/Yii ✅ Work with any external API...

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    Iryna Abramova
    UX/UI Web design
    цена договорная

    Hi, I'm Irina, designer from Poland. I’am a UI/UX designer, webdesigner, a peson who likes her job. With more than 2 years expierence as a freelancer and 1 year of working for agencies Why I love what I do? I can’t imagine morning without coffee and a moment for myself when I can check new projects on behance. This little feeling of jealous when I see a briliant project and I am wondering why I didn’t come with this idea earlier. This many hours spending on looking for a best colour, working...

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    Владислав Ткачук
    Разработка ПО
    от 1 200 руб. за час

    I am the full-stack developer with 25+ successfully finished projects, that was born for making your App best it the market. 9+ years of experience in such arias as: - Backend development develop big systems with very complicated logic, ML/DS parts (using IBM Watson in one of the projects) - Frontend development - fast, SEO-friendly site with a lot of motion elements and clear - Mobile development (4 years) - cross-platform application on Flutter (development flow is pretty similar to...

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    от 1 270 руб. за час

    I HAVE: - experience in coordinating diverse teams and resources to complete objectives of projects; - skills in streamlining and maintaining schedules to ensure maximum project performance; - knowledge of technical and financial peculiarities in project management sphere, - abilities as a communicator that allows being a successful technical project manager. I am READY: - to think positively in any challenges that arise; - to be responsible for making complex decisions; - to join to your...

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    Руслан Климов
    Backend developer
    от 500 руб. за час

    Creating complete RESTful API according requirements. Making business logic more flexible, reliable and powerful. Providing security for each API endpoint. Excellent documentatiting of API using Swagger or Postman for best description of each method using by Mobile or Frontend or anothers Backend developers. Working with Real-time data. Deploying on different hostings using Nginx or Docker. Using PostgreSQL as main database and MongoDB as NOSQL. Generally writting code on Python3.5+ with Django...

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    Виктория Конакова
    Пишу,анализирую,владею анг.яз.
    от 50 руб. за час

    Experience: Held various positions from cashier to Manager of furniture company Mebelik, have experience as a freelancer (making the course work in various areas of management, and sometimes projects in Appen). Some experience in making landing page and google Adwords. At this moment one of the SMM managers in Vkontakte, group. Опыт: Занимала различные позиции от кассира до менеджера в мебельной коммпании, присутствует опыр работы фрилансером в написании курсовых работ по...

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    от 500 руб. за час

    Drupal Theming Building custom Drupal themes from scratch to be pixel perfect,improving or customizing your existing custom theme,customizing a contributed theme from the Drupal community to your needs,changing the theme of your current website with a new custom theme,making your existing Drupal theme responsive to mobile devices,and Front-End Development PSD to HTML,I am experienced in Bootstrap framework,working with other people's code,and creating email templates.I have excellent knowledge...

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    Katrina Taylor
    Перевод/Бизнес-консультант США
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Бизнес-консультант по вопросам инкорпорирования и развития вашего бизнеса в США. - Помощь в Открытие и развитие бизнеса - Определение Стратегии развития - Создание бизнес плана и бизнес модели - Набор ключевого персонала и обучение - Контроль и организация работы сотрудников - Работа с бизнесом в сфере В2В - Консультирование по американскому налогообложению - Анализ и разработка "продающих" текстов для американской целевой аудитории - Правка бизнес текстов на английском языке -...

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    Денис Литвяк
    C/C++ Developer. Front-end dev
    от 75 руб. за час

    Whole my life I have been interested in creating. My first "Hello, World!" was written in Pascal at school. That was the time when I started loving programming. Nowadays, I am a third year student of computer science at Lublin University of Technology. My passions are Data Analysis, AI and Game Making. I'm freely using C, C++, Java, Python, HTML5/CSS3/JS in my projects.

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    Кирилл Березин
    Сетевое ПО
    от 500 руб. за час

    Рациональность и удобство — вот за что я борюсь. "Making world the better place to live" ================================ Опыт работы со стеком tcp/ip, создание протоколов layer 2,3. P2P(кластерные, облачные, распределенные системы), NAT traversal, onion encryption и другие задачи с сетью. Сверх быстрая передача данных(до 100us). Около года работал на международную компанию международных VOIP. (Биллинг мобильных и других устройств, включая сегменты крупных операторов вроде Beeline). Сталкивался...

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    от 1 200 руб. за час

    Hello, my name is Bogdan Andresyuk, i’m an iOS developer living in Kiev, Ukraine. I’ve spent the past several years living the dream, one that doesn’t involve climbing the corporate ladder and sitting in the stuffy office, but instead, working on interesting projects, learning new technologies and having fun. When I'm not making the best iOS apps with the coolest developers and clients, I'm playing paintball, hanging out with my friends and trying to enjoy my life! What am I looking from my...

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    от 975 руб. за час

    GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS: Development of game applications for mobile platforms and desktops 8 year coding experience: Objective C, C/C++, C#, LabVIEW, JavaScript (client-server technology, structured programming, take a part in porting applications for Windows to MacOS and iOS,etc.) Extended experience in different projects for customers in the EU and USA In-depth knowledge of object-oriented development HARDWARE: iOS devices, Mac, PC. DAQ card, RedRat, Wireless: XBee RF...

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    цена договорная

    Mail: tambovman@gmail.com Education 2000-2005 Master's degree in Social Psychology. State University of Tambov, Russia. Additional education 2014 Technion Certified Quality Assurance Studying, Haifa, Israel. 2014 Source IT, course “Software testing”, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Work Experience 2015 SW&HW Test Engineer, Intel, Haifa. Automation and manual testing. Installation of new setup for testing.

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    Maxim Vavilov
    программист, проектировщик
    от 440 руб. за час

    Программист на Python/Django и JavaScript. Опыт более 12 лет работы. Принял участие в создании и развитии десятках различных проектов. От сложных, до очень сложных. Умею работать как в большой команде, так и один. Могу разрабатывать проекты, как с нулевой стадии, так и переделывать уже действующие. Способен спасти даже самый пропащий проект. Есть опыт грамотного руководства командой разработчиков (3-7 человек). Опытный PM-ниндзя и Scrum-мастер. За время работы прошел горнило PHP с 3-ей по 5-ю...

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    Михаил Базаров
    дизайнер, разработчик сайтов
    от 500 руб. за час

    Профессиональный дизайнер, фотограф. Изготовление видеорекламы и монтаж видеороликов. Разработка сайтов.