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    Достон Рустамов
    iOS разработка
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    Software Engineer with over two years of experience in the 5eld of application development for the iOS platform. My primary goal is to create software with a user-friendly and intuitive user interface, along with well-readable and easily maintainable source code. I am constantly striving to learn new technologies and looking for ways to develop in this area to give users the smoothest experience in applications developed by me. In my free time, I study the market and try to improve my skills in...

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    Антон Гуляев
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    https://github.com/kish-dev Разрабатывал несколько приложений на андроид: 1) Мобильное приложение для показа блюд в дополненной реальности 2) Мобильное приложение для показа цен акций 3) Мобильное приложение-платформа для взаимопомощи студентов Придерживаюсь SOLID, знаком с MVx, работал с такими фреймворками, как Dagger 2, Hilt, Room, Retrofit. Знаком и использовал Clean Architecture и DIAP. Знаю алгоритмы и структуры данных. Имеется опыт работы в команде как лидером так и под...

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    цена договорная

    My strong soft skills: – Communication. I can get on well with any kind of person in team, even if that needed to speed up the company processes – I never panic. I can think rationally in any situation – Attention to details, perfectionist. Also pragmatic Skills: – UIKit – SwiftUI (was participated in iOS 14 widget development) – Integration Objective-C legacy code in Swift and vice versa – Manual Layout / Auto Layout (understand pros and cons Cassowary system) – Understanding MVx, VIPER...