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    Evgeniy Alexandrov
    Senior .NET developer / Analys
    от 150 000 руб. за месяц

    I have significant experience at application development for small business. Applications might be different like websites, Web APIs, utilities and desktop applications. My main competency lies in creating reliable scalable micro-service application architecture, data storage services and developing complex data processing algorithms. I have polished my own development process, which allows me to achieve significant results. I like work on projects with people, who cares about...

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    Hello! I have experience working alone and as part of a team. Worked on projects of various levels of complexity. I have graphic design experience. I consider it my advantage to want to understand the user and make his life easier. I can't imagine my work without creativity. I see the problem broadly and I know how to solve it on my own. Executive. Diplomatic. I'm on my way to self-education. Thank you for attention!

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    Robert Hakobyan
    Manual QA Engineer
    от 450 руб. за час

    Hello, my name is Robert. I'm from Armenia.I have finished QA Fundamentals course organized by ACA, which helped me to develop skill set required for QA position. I have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Besides this, I am well-versed in writing and executing testing scripts and handling testing work in different environments, such as web and desktop. Furthermore, writing bug reports and effectively providing debugging and troubleshooting suggestions are part of my skillset. ...

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    Дмитрий Аниканов
    Project management, Testing, Q
    от 500 руб. за час

    QA ingeneer Ручное тестирование, написание тест-кейсов, активная работа с базами данных Сопровождение и тестирование автоматизированной части подсистемы компании. • Написание тест-планов и тест-кейсов; • Работа с базами данных, написание SQL-запросов (селекты любой сложности: фильтры, группировки, подзапросы, агрегатные функции); • Взаимодействие с разработчиками и заказчиками; • Заведение баг-репортов/дефектов, отслеживание обработки/решения инцидентов (jira) Project manager •...

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    Yakov Petrov
    Product Designer/UI|UX
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    Hi there! My name is Yakov and I am a Product | UI/UX Designer I have a strong background in product design. Worked with apps in categories: Business, Health & Fitness, Weather, Utilities, Entertainment. I follow trends in design and always refer to guides and patterns. My main tool is a head on my shoulders. I love doing animation, so I am familiar with AE and Lottie, Motion Bro, Motion Tool. I expect work and employer to understand why it's done and what it's for, the right focus...

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    Александр Л
    Analysis, Design, Development
    от 3 000 руб. за час

    Специализируюсь в разработке серверных приложений. От идеи, проработки и согласования требований, до прототипирования, реализации и дальнейшего сопровождения.

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    Богдан Дизайнер
    Дизайн сайтов
    от 500 руб. за час

    ПОРТФОЛИО https://www.behance.net/BohdanDesign Hello! I will be glad to help with the project :) SPECIALIZATION - Web design and development - Mobile design and development (in the future) - UI / UX My favorite design and that's why I want to strive to develop and grow as a professional. I adequately perceive criticism, I know how to work in a team, loyal to the problem and their solutions. Portfolio https://www.behance.net/BohdanDesign

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    Dmitry Kalinin
    Full stack developer
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    I'm a Senior software developer with 10 years experience in web, mobile and cross-platform solutions. I have worked as a Team lead and CTO in complex projects from different industries. Such as e-commerce, healthcare, government entertainment and test automation. I have tangible experience as a Solution Architect in High Load projects with BigData Stack, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. As well I'm familiar with DevOps. So, it’s not a problem for me to deploy my project on any...

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    Катерина Шувалова
    Веб разработка
    от 1 200 руб. за час

    Hi there, I am a Project Manager in The IT Decision web development team with 5+ years of experience in IT. Have an understanding of the development process and experience in managing development teams. Core Skills: - Team Management, - Requirements gathering, - Business and requirements analysis, - Project planning, - Technical writing. Our tech team can solve your problem related to web development. We are a holistic-thinking team that is very attentive to the details. Our...

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    Александр .
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    Languages: C++, C#, Python, JS. Frameworks: .NET CORE, ASP .NET CORE, Qt, PCL, OpenCV, geometry prosessing libs. Scripting API: Autodesk Fusion-360, Hexagon Cyclone 3DR, custom JS API for SCADA. I have been developing software for over 15 years. Main directions: SCADA, СAD/СAM, WEB backend, processing of point clouds and meshes, image processing, real-time control algorithms. I have a good experience of working with distributed systems of information processing and storage based on...

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    Квалифицированный и умелый веб-разроботчик с 2ух летним опытом в фронтент

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    Natassha Selvaraj
    Data Science
    от 750 руб. за час

    I have extensive experience working in the field of data science and analytics. In my day job as a data scientist, I solve business problems and build customer segments with supervised machine learning algorithms. I also create interactive visualizations. I am able to break down a business problem and derive insights with the help of my technical skill. I've worked on projects involving sentiment analysis, text mining, web scraping, and predictive modeling. I have experience in working with...

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    от 1 300 руб. за час

    I’m a full-stack developer which means I can bring your project from concept to completion. I work primarily with Ruby on Rails on the backend and Vue.js on the frontend but picking up new languages or frameworks isn’t a problem.

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    Роман Широков
    Front-end developer
    от 300 руб. за час

    PORTFOLIO https://unleashedmyself.github.io/ QUALIFICATIONS ● website development of any complexity; ● correction of already created sites; ● intelligent and information technologies; ● ability to learn new technologies and challenging concepts quickly and implement them; ● problem solving and decision-making skills. TECHNICAL SKILLS ● Software: Atom, SublimeText, Adobe Photoshop, Zeplin, Avocode, MatLab, Microsoft Office, MS Visual Studio, Visio and etc; ● Front-end exp: HTML5,...

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    Tatianka Koval
    от 100 руб. за час

    Web Developer UX/UI Designer The list of my skills includes ✎ design ✎ front-end development I am focused on the result and highlighting only the most important things because sites are, first of all, not a beautiful picture, but a solution to a specific problem and its a logically structured design with a beautiful visual design CONTACTS Have ideas? Let's give a task and I give you solutions in achieving your business goals! Get in touch to discuss your project: ...

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    цена договорная

    ● Strong experience in C++ and knowledge of standard library, STL containers, and algorithms, Boost modules ● Excellent knowledge of C++ templating, C++14 ● Strong experience in Objective-C, Swift for iOS platform and Kotlin for Android platform ● Good experience in using third-party libraries ● Strong experience in using GIT, JIRA ● Good experience in using different IDE like Visual Studio, Netbeans (PHP), XCode, Android Studio ● Strong experience in multithreading programming, cross...

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    Victoria Kabanova
    Web development
    цена договорная

    We are Leviossa IT - software development company can provide you with the various services - from creating simple landing pages to complex architectural solutions. We have worked with both large international teams and small startups - but the one thing our clients have in common is satisfaction with the excellent result. Our hard skills: ❂ Back-end development with Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Express.js, Python; ❂ Front-end development with AngularJS/2+, React.js, Vue.js; ❂ Database...

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    Ольга Попандопуло
    Веб-дизайнер, UI/UX
    от 550 руб. за час

    As a designer, my goal is to craft innovative and impactful design solutions to optimize people’s lives and their businesses so that we all have time to focus on what really matters. I believe that the world is constantly evolving thanks to designers centering their process around the user. I mostly tend to lean into projects that necessitate a high degree of problem-solving by using a holistic design process with a focus on multidisciplinary collaboration and rapid iteration. When I'm not...

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    Ahror Kayumov
    Senior .Net Developer
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Специальности: -Бэкэнд-разработка: ASP.NET, ASP.NET.CORE -Мобильная разработка: Xamarin, React Native -C#/.NET приложений: WPF, UWP Принципы: - Clean architecture - Agile, Scrum - SOLID Design principles Skilled Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience in design, development, testing, and implementation of various web-based applications. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for web applications. Team player and problem solver with an aptitude for...

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    Егор Коткин
    тексты, лонгриды, консалтинг
    от 1 000 руб. за тысячу знаков

    Egor is an exceptional copywriter and a master of appealing to a modern audience. It's been several years during which we were working with Egor and his team on multiple projects, and they’ve managed to execute everything efficiently and smoothly. During the Polybius mid 2017 token sale, his publications on Medium and Geektimes reached about 20% of our future ICO audience, making his contribution one of the biggest impacts on our project. Edgar Bers Product Manager/Owner at...

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    Артур Хайруллин
    Premium Web Development
    от 3 300 руб. за час

    Not yet another skillset bragger. Instead - your helping hand in the world of Web Development. Cooperatively with my clients, we move towards a successful solution. And this is how the efficient working process should flow. In my craft I strive for the following principles: - End product needs to solve a problem - My client should feel safe and involved in the process (seeing intermediate results, getting instructions, etc) - To be independent as a developer and free my clients' brains...

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    Игорь Solver
    Создание сайтов
    от 500 руб. за час

    Начинающий сайтостроитель, делаю сайты для расширения кругозора и навыков в области ИТ и для души. Пока только на WordPress. Опытный ГИП комплексных проектов по большим корпоративным и операторским сетям (транспортные сети и сети передачи данных, комплексные ИТ проекты больших компаний). Как при строительстве, так и при эксплуатации. Человек, который решает проблемы, а не создает их! Solver