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    • development,maintenance and upgrade of the company's infrastructure; • active participation in the development of infrastructure solutions for the company's projects; • development,maintenance and upgrade of monitoring and logging tools(PROM stack,EFK stack,PMM SERVER,Sentry); • development and customization of CI / CD processes for projects; • deploy and administration HA STACK for databases postgres and mysql(postgres-repmgr,mysql-percona xtradb cluster); • development of program code in...

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    Денис Пантилеенко
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    Selection of a complete set harware(supermicro, Disk Array Enclosure (DAE), raid storage controllers, assembling and configuring hardware. Deploying and configuring CentOS 7, Postgresql( with backup,failover - hot standby), monitoring(zabbix). Setting up scheduller pgagent, connection pool pgbouncer for Postgresql. Supporting development stand(jenkins). Participation in development of database structure, setting up partition mechanism for tables, searching "bottle necks" on queries layer,...