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    Владимир В.
    Программист C, Golang, Dart
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    Консультация по применению микроконтроллеров, IoT, SOС, CAN, Wi-Fi. датчиков. Embedded Linux Сайт-блог: - "Умный кремний" http://islife.ru Профессиональные умения - evaluation boards (SDK): SAMA5D2 Xplained board embedded Linux (MicroChip) SAMA5D3 Xplained board embedded Linux (MicroChip)МВ77.07 плата на базе СБИС К1879ХБ1Я embedded Linux (высокопроизводительным процессором цифровой обработки сигналов оригинальной архитектуры — NeuroMatrix® ЗАО НТЦ «Модуль»)STM32MP157C-DK2 board OpenSTLinux...

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    IT BDS - Search for new leads on Upwork, LinkedIn, Facebook, freelance channels - Leads' and their needs analysis, evaluation of projects. - Projects' managing (quality control of communication between developer and client, negotiation during project implementation). - Search for new projects via tender platforms. - Record-keeping via HubSpot CRM - Management of relationship with current customers (KAM responsibilities), introducing follow-up system. - Support and control of transactions'...

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    Евгений Кулык
    СЕО-копирайтинг, копирайтинг,
    от 100 руб. за тысячу знаков

    На данный момент сотрудничаю с компанией Финоко, но в силу того, что остается много времени, ищу других заказчиков. Вот ссылки на мои работы для этого проекта: http://www.esm-invest.com/ru/Financial-evaluation-... https://223-1c.ru/poisk_postavshikov/ https://223-1c.ru/vidi-zakupok/

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    Andrey Saratov
    Fullstack JS development
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    I possess about 7 years of progressive experience in the web developing. Last 3 years working remotely as the main JS developer (full stack) in big american startup. During this time, the business has increased more than 4 times, all applications have become more responsive and user-friendly, as easy to develop and support. I inherited a product fraught with technical problems. During this time were made regular releases of major features and decreased infrastructure costs, all while...

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    I HAVE: - experience in coordinating diverse teams and resources to complete objectives of projects; - skills in streamlining and maintaining schedules to ensure maximum project performance; - knowledge of technical and financial peculiarities in project management sphere, - abilities as a communicator that allows being a successful technical project manager. I am READY: - to think positively in any challenges that arise; - to be responsible for making complex decisions; - to join to your...

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    Max Niyazov
    Software development
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    -Managing projects from 3 up to 100 developers. In-house developers: analytics, QA, SDET, DevOps, UI/UX, native developers for smartphones My own skills: - Experienced with MT4 platform, ERC-20 tokens, crypto exchange (DEX) - Plugins for MT4: bridge, dealer, MAM, risk management app, reporting tool. - Looking for a project with Meta Trader server - Working with blockchain projects My team skills: - Backend: Java, C++, C# development, Go, PHP, Python. - Mobile development: Native development,...

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    Elena Stepuro
    от 80 000 руб. за месяц

    • Software Test Automation Engineer with about 2 years experience in the IT industry with primary focus on automated testing • Areas of expertise: Automated testing; Experience in writing technical documentation; Experience in writing test cases; Experience in code review; Experience in UI testing; Experience in functional, regression, retest testing; Experience in mobile testing; Experience in testing frameworks; Experience in API testing; • Tools: Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Jenkins,...

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    Senior UI/UX Artist Experienced in: UI/UX, Landing Page Design, Wordpress Design, iOS/ Android App Design I'm a senior product designer and developer with a passion for creating intuitive, simple, and beautiful designs that delight users. I will suggest you the best way, best price, and solutions into web development. Don't risk your time or reputation, get a web developer that is proven in achieving high levels of success. Your project deserves it! Independent UI/UX Designer and Developer: -...

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    kuldeep mahindrakar
    Software Testing
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    4 years of experience in software testing.Well-acquainted with the software life cycle (SDLC) and test life cycle (STLC).Extensive participation in understanding the scenarios and test cases.Experience in Functionality testing, Regression testing and Smoke testing.Experienced in creating and executing automated test cases using Selenium WebDriver and TestNG.Good understanding of Agile software development lifecycle.Hands on the tracker in the field of quality tracking and evaluation.Logging and...

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    Юрий Бацура
    Quality Assurance
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Имею опыт работы на различных проектах: enterprise и consumer-продукты; web, android, ios, windows и linux-приложения. Большой опыт работы с различными платформами виртуализации. Есть навыки автоматизации на robot framework, autoit, python. Анализ и разработка тестового покрытия с нуля, поддержка, ревью тестов. Есть опыт в нагрузочном и перфоманс-тестировании.

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    Валерий Захаров
    Web-разработчик / Тимлид
    от 1 350 руб. за час

    Seven years of experience in web-oriented successfuly projects as a developer, project manager and team leader. My approach to work is always high quality and deadline-oriented. Last long term contract was about the binary options/forex software provider. Backend API, Backend CRM, Frontend, Risk Managment System, Affiliates sdk's, CI/CD, services, devops, orchestration, management - more than 50 repositories in different languages was developed by me or under my control. Backend PHP, Laravel,...

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    Sergey Seletsky
    Software Architect
    цена договорная

    Professional Profile:Software Architect with extensive experience in the IT Industry in a variety of innovative solutions of high-quality apps and services. Experience in SaaS, Cloud, Big Data, Mobility, Artificial Intelligence etc. projects on a scalable architecture. Good design sense and usability. Experience in planning, design, development, management and control interdisciplinary teams. Competencies:Architecture, Big Data, Business Analysis, Business Design, Business Development, Business...