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    Mikhail Tsokol
    Web development, freelance, PM
    от 200 руб. за час

    PM. могу помочь с: Веб разработкой, визитка, Тильда, Вордпресс, подключение административных панелей, API, парсинг, верстка, веб дизайн. Разработки под Angular, React, Vue.js, Python (Django), Ruby on Rails, Node.js, HTML/Sass, JavaScript. Tелеграм: @Tsokolm

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    Юрий Тыщук
    Таргетинг, .NET, RoR
    от 1 200 руб. за час

    We are team of WEB Developers from Ukraine, we specialize in .NET and PHP stack. We`re allways searching for interesting projects or remote job. We can build an Web applications using .Net technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Ms Sql Server, Entity Framework, WCF, WebApi (REST) on server side and Angular, Vue on the clien side. There is some experiense with NopCommerce (eCommerce) CMS. With PHP stack we can quick build web sites on WorpPress and Joomla CMS, web stores based on...

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    Александр Александр
    Админ Linux, DBA, разработчик
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    IaC: Pulumi & Terraform, Ansible Containers: Helm & Kubernetes, Buildah & Docker Public cloud: AWS, Azure, Linode On-premise private & hybrid cloud: OpenNebula, KVM, Firecracker Monitoring: Zabbix & Netdata, Prometheus & Grafana, ELK CI/CD: Jenkins (including Groovy), GitLab, SonarCube DBMS: IBM DB2 & PostgreSQL via nHibernate, Redis & Tarantool, Debezium Analytics: Pentaho & ClickHouse OS: Devuan, OpenBSD Guest OS: ^above, Alpine, AntiX ...

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    Yulia Volkunovich
    от 700 руб. за час

    I have experience and excellent skills in business analysis. I am successfully developing in the field of management. In my portfolio, there are already launched projects working with real users, web projects and mobile applications. Some projects: Obstetrics mobile app - Web service for searching online courses. React, Python Go Hamster mobile game - Mobile application for monitoring pregnancy. C ++, .net www.codinglist.com - Casual mobile game. Xamarin www.shuttledelivery.co.kr - Food...

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    Darya Demyanenko
    QA Engineer
    от 300 руб. за час

    I'm QA Engineer. Have knowledge and a good understanding of the process of testing mobile applications and Also, I have certificates: IT Academy Belhard - QA Engineer(Sept. - Oct. 2019); Stormnet Technologies -QA Engineer(March - May 2020). ✦ Searching for errors and defects on the test website ✦ Methodologies ✦ Testing API ✦ Testing an educational mobile application for android ✦ Testing an educational website ✦ Work with Atlassian Jira ✦ Learned SQL base syntax ✦ Cover projects with test...

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    Larissa Angald
    Frontend Developer | Vue.js
    от 700 руб. за час

    Hello! I'm Frontend developer with 3 years experience in Javascript. I'm searching for new web application projects based on Vue,js and Nuxt.js technologies from scratch. Examples of my code can be seen here: https://github.com/langald Stack of technologies: - SPA with Vue.js + Vuex + Router - SSR on Nuxt.js - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery - REST API integration - Axios - XML, Json - ES5 / 6 - Sass/Scss - Adaptive, cross-browser layout, Bootstrap 4, Flexbox, GSAP - Gulp - Basic...

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    Евгений Смывин
    Java разработчик
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Большой опыт работы в качестве Java разработчика (с 2005 г) Личные качества: - целеустремленность - легко нахожу контакт с людьми - готов осваивать новые технологии Профессиональные навыки: Frontend: GWT, GXT, JSP, HTML, Javascript, Swing Spring: Boot, Data, Security, MVC Database/ORM/Tools: PostgreSQL, Hibernate, MyBatis, Liquibase, Hazelcast Messaging: Apache Kafka, ActiveMQ Searching: Solr Cluster management: Mesos, Yarn Big Data/NoSQL: Hadoop, Cascading, Flink, Hbase, OpenTSDB ...

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    Вадим Балашов
    Java, C/C++/C#, Python, web
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Java, C/C++/C#, Python, SWIFT, Android, iOS и web программирование Резюме Spam detection system using Multi-objective optimization algorithms.Malware analysis.Software vulnerability detection and management.Approximate string comparison algorithms and duplicate searching.Real-time bidding algorithms.Multi-objective Optimization.Genetic Algorithms.Secure coding using program slicing techniques.Networking.Information Security.Machine Learning/Deep Learning.Programming Languages: C#, Java,...

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    Aleksandr Dudko
    Android developer
    от 500 руб. за час

    Android-developer 2GIS march 2019 – now Check - A simple way to find a product in the market and collect Cashback. ● Designed and implemented the extension of models and logic for representing information for new features; ● Designed and implemented collecting of usage statistics; ● Implemented custom GUI style; ● Reimplemented communication with social networks: Facebook, Vk, Instagram, Google; ● Bug analysis and fixing; ● Implemented product filter with sliding panel; ● Reimplemented the...

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    Alexey Zlobin
    Java Developer
    от 1 700 руб. за час

    2018 – present: PMBP LTD ( Russia, Moscow ), Java Developer Developing game server (microservices REST/HTTPS, WebSockets) for multiplayer online game. Back-end (Java8, Akka, PlayFramework, Vaadin,Postgresql, Spring Security, Spring JPA), front-end (Unity 3D). 2017 – 2018: Optisor LTD (Rehovot, Israel), Full-Stack Developer Participation in the "CV bank" project. System for an applicants' management data. Registration, authentication, editing data,...

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    Elena Lebedeva
    Telegram, Python
    цена договорная

    Student searching for a part-time job or freelance

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    Андрей Сендер
    FullStack Web-Development
    цена договорная

    Summary I’ m a talented, responsible, professional and creative software engineer with 11+ years of professional experience in web development field. I am seeking a competitive and challenging environment where I can use all my abilities. If you need a developer with extensive experience, excellent leader, result-oriented, hard-working , highly productive, quality-oriented – I’ m the one you are searching for. Also I’m multiple winner of Ukrainian competitions in computer science. Successfully...

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    Денис Пантилеенко
    Администратор баз данных
    от 700 руб. за час

    Selection of a complete set harware(supermicro, Disk Array Enclosure (DAE), raid storage controllers, assembling and configuring hardware. Deploying and configuring CentOS 7, Postgresql( with backup,failover - hot standby), monitoring(zabbix). Setting up scheduller pgagent, connection pool pgbouncer for Postgresql. Supporting development stand(jenkins). Participation in development of database structure, setting up partition mechanism for tables, searching "bottle necks" on queries layer,...

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    Роман Кутенко
    php, laravel, codeigniter
    от 1 500 руб. за час

    Привет, меня зовут Роман и я backend разработчик. За плечами большой опыт работы с различными фреймворками (laravel, codeigniter, symfony) и различными задачами (сайты под ключ, crm и erp системы, разработка api и интегрирование сторонних api, e-commerce разработка). Hello! My name is Roman. I'm backend developer. I have more then 9 years php development. My main direction is work with Laravel (4+ years exp) or CodeIgniter (7+ years exp) and native php (9+ years exp), also I know many current...

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    Илья Куликов
    Website and webapp
    цена договорная

    My best skills: I like to have the job done and to be proud of the results. So I am precise in important details. I am looking at my job from the business point of view. So I need to understand what the client needs and why. I like to be effective and avoid useless staff. That’s why I think the process and environment should help you do your job. I prefer simple and logical solutions and avoid not obvious and complex ones. I prefer to ask a quick question rather than spend hours searching for...