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    Vrezh Unanyan
    Mid 2 mobile developer
    от 2 500 руб. за час

    APPs: Daego(iOS), Lidl(iOS), Salt(iOS), QuickLine(iOS) Personal data Name Vrezh Unanyan Phone number +374 77 79 05 32 email vrezhunanyan@gmail.com Current position Software Engineer at “Instigate Mobile” CJSC Profile Full stack mobile development C++ AI Yolo framework Skills Programming Languages Swift, JAVA, C++ Database MySQL, SQLite(with Core Data) Tools Git, GCC, VIM, JIRA, Jenkins, Github, Xcode, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, Maven,...

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    Виктор Семенов
    Веб Разработчик
    от 30 000 руб. за месяц

    Я Семенов Виктор являюсь веб мастером, разработчиком, помогу Вам определиться с форматом и платформами, бережно относясь к вашему бюджету. Ведь по мимо сделать сайт красивым и функциональным его ещё и нужно продвигать "SEO" и в этом у меня тоже хороший опыт. Ссылки на проекты которые я веду https://beriremont.ru/ сайт ремонт квартир бюджет на создание 30 тр сейчас хорошие показатели по посейщаймости и высокие позиции в Поисковых системах.Второй проект https://lagovitsa.ru/ здесь очень много...

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    от 1 500 руб. за час

    Hello! Thanks for visiting my profile. My name is Artyom. I am a Belarusian Full-Stack Developer. I specialize in HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, Python, WordPress, Django, and many other technologies, platforms, and libraries. Whatever your needs are, I will find a solution that fits them. Over the last two years, I have developed various websites in all the technologies above. My main goal is customer satisfaction and delivers my best.

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    Mark Effect
    Full-stack developer
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Since 2001 I have been developing web services, I am well acquainted with Internet marketing, business process optimization and working with large development teams (Agile, Scrum). Recently I have been integrating Unreal Engine with a web browser for an interactive presentation of real estate in 3D. Education: MGSU, RAP, GUU, ATISO Experience: Extensive experience in project management and business process optimization. Professional design of web application interfaces. Launching and...

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    Александр Зуев
    Python, Telegram Bots, Scripts
    от 500 руб. за час

    В ОСНОВНОМ: Python developer. Разрабатываю асинхронных Телеграм ботов на библиотеке aiogram. Не составит труда сделать админ-панель на django, и также проблем не будет с проектированием базы данных! Плюс ко всему этому есть опыт в деплое бота на сервер. Также пишу различные скрипты: парсинг сайтов, парсинг данных, автоматизация чего-либо. ОСНОВНЫЕ НАВЫКИ: Python:AiogramAsyncpgAsyncioDjangoPyQTThird-party libs C#:WinFormsWPF Базы данных:PostgreSQLSQLiteMicrosoft...

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    Hello! I'm ASP.NET Core Developer with emphasis on the server-side. I have been working as a developer from 2018 and I'm familiar with various technologies (most of them are .NET based). I have passed all stages from junior developer to Middle+. Combining research, architecture, development, management, coordination and communication tasks is not a big deal for me. My portfolio contains 50+ projects: WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET. I started projects from scratch and got the existing code...

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    O₂ Digital Agency
    от 900 руб. за час

    Профессиональная команда занимающаяся разработкой сайтов и веб сервисов. BackEnd разработка - PHP - Phalcon; Codelgniter; Laravel - Node JS - Express; Socket.io, Ssr - Databases - MySQL; PostgreSQL; Redis - Libraries / APIs - VK; Instagram; Facebook; Stripe; Яндекс касса - CMS - bitrix, самописная админка FrontEnd разработка - JavaScript - Vue JS; Nuxt; jQuery; - HTML/HTML5 - CSS/CSS3 - Bootstrap;Bulma; Инструменты для организации и ускорения процесса разработки - GIT - GitHub; Bitbucket;...

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    Dastan Mukeev
    Full-Stack developer
    от 90 000 руб. за месяц

    Full-stack development | Frameworks/Libraries Front-End: HTML5/CSS3 (SASS/SCSS) TailwindCSS/Material UI/ Bootstrap5 Javascript | ES6+ ReactJs/NextJs Redux/Redux-Toolkit Back-End: NodeJs (ExpressJs/NestJs) Databases: MongoDB/Mongoose PostgreSQL Others: Docker/Docker Compose Firebase Digital Ocean

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    Gevorg Harutyunyan
    Python developer
    от 50 000 руб. за месяц

    I am Gevorg Harutyunyan currently a Python developer from Armenia. I work in the field of science (High Energy Astrophysics) in an International center. Last 3 years I do data analysis of big data and have straight skills which are mentioned below. Now my general aim is to collect good reviews and so I am ready to solve tasks as accurately as possible to gratify client claims. Looking forward to your positive response and will be grateful to collaborate ▪ OS systems - Windows OS, Linux OS ...

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    Edgar Hovsepyan
    HTML5 Game Developer
    цена договорная

    Quality oriented and self-motivated, creative Software Engineer with professional experience in WEB Development. Game Development, I have experience with JavaScript, also with react and three.js libraries. Worked with Databases and familiar with Design Patterns. Aside from technical knowledge I am a proven team member and I can suggest innovative solutions to technical issues.

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    Алик Оганян
    Full Stack Web Developer / React Native Developer
    от 1 300 руб. за час

    Hello ! I have 5 years of experience in Web Development and can deliver your project on time meeting all your expectations. Below please find the area of my expertise. Back End Development - PHP - Yii 2; Laravel - Node JS - Express; Sails.js; Hapi.js - Databases - MySQL; PostgreSQL; MongoDB - Libraries / APIs - Facebook; Google; PayPal; Stripe etc. Front End Development - JavaScript - Angular JS (2+); jQuery; ReactJS; VueJS - HTML/HTML5 - CSS/CSS3 - Bootstrap(3-4) Mobile...

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    от 500 руб. за час

    Development and support of products on Bitrix CRM platform Development and support of products on Wordpress CMS Working with different third-party api

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    от 1 600 руб. за час

    Hello, my name is Alex and I am 8+ years experienced developer. I am an expert in C# .NET development stack with ReactJS/Angular as a frontend and have experience in developing different kinds of aplications: Web API, web portals, iOS and Android mobile applications, desktop applications, integrations with 3rd party services and tools such as Dynamics CRM, SendGrid, Twilio, etc. I have experience of working both as freelancer and as a team member of development teams in big international...

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    Максим Похилый
    Mobile apps development using React Native
    от 1 100 руб. за час

    - Integrate third party libraries, for example: -- Visualise any data in charts -- UI-kits -- Localization -- Animation -- Manipulation with any parts of UI (like swipe to delete etc.) - Create custom UI-kits: -- Modal windows -- Side menu -- List items -- Buttons -- Inputs -- Sliders -- Charts -- etc. - Create scalable architecture of apps - Push notifications - Siri integration for iOS - Deploy test builds to firebase test flight service with the ability to install on a...

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    Александр Юдкин
    Python/Django Back-end dev
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Занимаюсь коммерческой разработкой на Python с 2015 года. Последние 3 года много работал с Django Rest Framework. Изучаю язык Golang, который планирую применять параллельно с Python. Работал в таких сферах: финтех, образование, логистика, социальные сети, реклама, недвижимость. Могу похвастаться такими проектами как livebetter, ubit.li, indigomental.com, flatdate, mapper, krutheapp.com, kibzy.com, в которых занимался построением архитектуры и разработкой API; а также участием в командах таких...

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    Андрей Козей
    Software Engineer
    от 1 250 руб. за час

    Email: weareworkingpowerfully@gmail.com Github: https://github.com/kozeyandrey Skills Known programming languages: JS, Ruby, Java, Python Real Experience in: Frameworks: Node.js, React, Spring, Ruby on Rails (built few rest api projects);3-party SDKs, APIs and others.Unit-testsLove to use: AWS, DigitalOcean, Heroku;MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.Docker, VagrantGit (chery-pick, rebase and etc) Tools for tasks management: AsanaTrelloDesign patterns: Decorator, Prototype, Singleton, Factory method...

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    Александр Александр
    Админ Linux, DBA, разработчик
    цена договорная

    IaC: Pulumi & Terraform, Ansible Containers: Helm & Kubernetes, Buildah & Docker Public cloud: AWS, Azure, Linode On-premise private & hybrid cloud: OpenNebula, KVM, Firecracker Monitoring: Zabbix & Netdata, Prometheus & Grafana, ELK CI/CD: Jenkins (including Groovy), GitLab, SonarCube DBMS: IBM DB2 & PostgreSQL via nHibernate, Redis & Tarantool, Debezium Analytics: Pentaho & ClickHouse OS: Devuan, OpenBSD Guest OS: ^above, Alpine, AntiX ...

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    от 700 руб. за проект

    Привет, я разработчик с опытом работы более 3 лет. Имею большой опыт работы с парсингом и Telegram. За все время было более 17 клиентов, в общей сложности выполнено 36 проектов (большая их часть – Telegram боты и автоматизированные аккаунты разного уровня сложности). Зачастую мои клиенты обращаются ко мне повторно. У меня большой опыт работы на СНГ фрилансе. Для Telegram я использую такие библиотеки, как Telethon, PTB, iogram, реже Telebot. В парсинге – Selenium, BeautifulSoup, Scrappy Для...

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    от 1 000 руб. за час

    ALEKSANDR ANKUDINOV sasha@ankudinov.org.ua +38 (050) 910-**-** DOB: 9th of June, 198* IOS DEVELOPER Experience: Mobile and desktop development with native and cross-platform solutions Experience in technical interview, lead a team Server side development Neural network(basic), 3D graphics Web-based client side development Embed device development TECHNOLOGY STACK Languages/Programming: Skilled in Swift, Objective-C; Additionally expired in JavaScript (+NodeJS basics), HTML...

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    от 2 000 руб. за час

    I have a university degree in IT and radio technical engineering, that helps solve any engineering problems related to 3D graphics, AR/VR in any web browser and any smartphones, PC, MAC, TV. I love and designing and web developing and photos, and found myself in a symbiosis between all these areas of activity and came to Web-based Augmented Reality. At first, I dabbled as hobby Lens Studio by Snap Inc. (Snapchat), then Spark AR Studio by Facebook. Then I learned WebAR, WebXR, WebVR, Web3D...

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    Nikita Dynnik
    Front-End Web development
    от 230 руб. за час

    UKRANIAN WEB DEVELOPER -HTML DOM rendering. -Cross-browser compatibility and codevalidation. -Media queries.Responsive web-sites without the use of frameworks. -Bootstrap 3/4. -Basics JavaScript and its syntax. -JQuery.Applicationof ready-made plug-ins from jQuery and jQuery UI libraries . -Creating jQuery scripts. -Code contraction and optimization.

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    цена договорная

    ● Strong experience in C++ and knowledge of standard library, STL containers, and algorithms, Boost modules ● Excellent knowledge of C++ templating, C++14 ● Strong experience in Objective-C, Swift for iOS platform and Kotlin for Android platform ● Good experience in using third-party libraries ● Strong experience in using GIT, JIRA ● Good experience in using different IDE like Visual Studio, Netbeans (PHP), XCode, Android Studio ● Strong experience in multithreading programming, cross...

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    Алексей S
    Ускорение и разработка сайтов
    от 700 руб. за час

    Цена работы - 700 р/час 1. Разработка сайтов на Laravel. 2. Интеграция любых API. 3. Настройка сервера на Linux для запуска сайта. 4. Установка и настройка быстрого сервера Nginx с любыми 3-rd party модулями. 5. Настройка кеширования для веб сервера, проксирование, кеширование MySQL запросов, для увеличения скорости сайта до 40х. 6. Настройка сертификатов SSL, протокола HTTP/2. 7. Установка PHP, MySQL. 8. Установка любых CMS - Wordpress, Opencart. 9. Настройка простой среды разработки для...

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    Polina Rudenko
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    I'm a software engineer with more than 2 years of experience. At the start of my career I built web pages using HTML5 and CSS. Also I used different css frameworks like Bootstrap, Material and so on. Moreover I have excellent knowledge of pure JavaScript in particular ES5 and ES6 and worked with different libraries and frameworks like React, Redux, React Native, Angular and other. In addition I have experience with NodeJs and with such frameworks as Express, Koa, Sequelize, Mongoose. And also I...

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    Сергей Шумилов
    Python программист
    от 500 руб. за час

    Программирую на питоне. Пишу ботов для телеграмма. Делаю интеграции в Excel. Опыт работы - 3 года в качестве системного администратора. Быстро реагирую на правки или запросы заказчика