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    Dmitrii Moskin
    Developer, DevOps
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    Более десяти лет занимаюсь разработкой мобильных и веб приложений, использую различные стеки технологий, готов выбрать оптимальное решение для вашей задачи или адаптироваться под ваши требования. Большой опыт работы в туристической и банковской сферах. На данный момент работаю в американской компании DevOPS. I have worked over 10 years in web and mobile software development environment. I'm ready to find the optimal solution for task or to adapt to the requirements. I have a lot of experience...

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    Vladimir Apenko
    Front End Developer
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    I have a critical view of things, which was formed due to my hobbies, such as tourism and photography. So, thanks to them I have developed perseverance, attention and stress resistance. Due to the fact that I travel often act as a leader, I have learned to lead a group of people and make decisions in stressful situations. I'm working on quality without supervision. I quickly learn new things.

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    Yuliya Freya
    цена договорная

    I am a freelance translator in the English>Russian and English>Ukrainian language pairs. I am a holder of a Master’s degree in English language and foreign literature.I translated more than 300,000 words in the fields of  Economics, Business, Health Protection, Computers, Politics, E-Commerce, Industry and Technology. I am a Translatorscafe.com Master and my identity is verified by Translatorscafe.com stuff.  

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    Hello, everybody! My name is Kate. I live in Ukraine and I am a freelance translator of English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian languages with more than 4 years of professional translation experience. I am a native Russian and Ukrainian speaker. I have the sense of style in my native languages and offer translation that is not only accurate but easy, and pleasant to read as well. _________________________________________ Languages: - Russian and Ukrainian — native - English and Spanish —...