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    Александр Колб
    Frontend developer
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    Создание сайтов любой сложности. На выходе гарантирую правильный код, оптимизированный сайт. - React.js (strong) - JavaScript (strong) - HTML5/CSS3 (strong) - TypeScript (intermediate) Other than that, I have experience with additional tools listed below: - React-native (limited experience) - Node.js - Redux (Redux-Thunk, Redux-Saga) - Express.js - Git/GitHub - SASS/LESS - Utilities, component libraries (Material-UI, styled-components) - REST - Jest/react-testing-library

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    I'm working with embedded systems for 18 years, writing software for microcontroller's architecture :AVR(ATMega), PIC, ARM(STM32, AT90SAM7S,LM4F120),MSP430. Using all modern and classical interfaces: RS232, RS485, CAN, USB, SDIO, Ethernet(TCP/IP stacks), I2C, SPI and so on. Using RTOS(FreeRTOS) and bare-metal. Also writing PC-utilities for connecting with controllers(Python, C++, Qt)

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    Evgeniy Alexandrov
    Senior .NET developer / Analys
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    I have significant experience at application development for small business. Applications might be different like websites, Web APIs, utilities and desktop applications. My main competency lies in creating reliable scalable micro-service application architecture, data storage services and developing complex data processing algorithms. I have polished my own development process, which allows me to achieve significant results. I like work on projects with people, who cares about...

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    Денис Козлов
    Senior ASP.NET MVC/JS Develope
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    I'm well-qualified Microsoft Certified .NET Developer with over 13 years of experience spanning ASP.NET 2.0 to ASP.NET 5 (vNext) and MVC in C# including transactional enterprise-level applications, e-commerce solutions, medical applications and scientific projects with team leadership end mentoring experience. Experienced in Agile software engineering processes and methodologies, Test Driven Development practice and I have depth knowledges of Object-Oriented Design and Object-Oriented...

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    Yakov Petrov
    Product Designer/UI|UX
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    Hi there! My name is Yakov and I am a Product | UI/UX Designer I have a strong background in product design. Worked with apps in categories: Business, Health & Fitness, Weather, Utilities, Entertainment. I follow trends in design and always refer to guides and patterns. My main tool is a head on my shoulders. I love doing animation, so I am familiar with AE and Lottie, Motion Bro, Motion Tool. I expect work and employer to understand why it's done and what it's for, the right focus...

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    Цель: Разработчик ПО. Технические навыки: Languages/Methodologies: Visual Studio, Borland C++, Java(base), VbScript, JavaScript(base), HTML(base), Pithon(base), PHP(base), Visual Fox Pro, CGI. Technologies: Web Services(base). Platforms: Ms Windows XP/7/8, Linux(base). Databases: Ms Access, Ms SQL server, Платформа 1C/7/8 , Галактика, Pervasive SQL(base), Ingres(base). Software tools and Utilities: Ms Office, Autocad, Smail, ACDSee. Web Servers: Apache (base), IIS(base). Владение языками:...

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    Сергей Ахметов
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    Имею опыт работы с ботами, апи тг, вк. Разрабатывал автоматизированное ПО, для соц. сетей. Также владею Back-end, Front-end (среднее).

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    опыт работы5 лет опыта · Английский Pre-IntermediateI am a Python developer with a background working in financial markets building and executing trading strategies for Quantopian, TradingView and zipline framework. I am experienced with building reporting systems that automate recurrent tasks, and presenting visually appealing data. I have extensive experience using (Python 2.7-3.7.x,conda, pipenv, virtualenv, pandas,pip,highcharts,matplotlib,zipline) and statistical analysis to build...

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    sergey khvoschevskiy
    Автоматизация "ручных" задач
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    Карьеру ИТ-инженера начинал в аутсорсинговой компании - стандартные задачи уровня anykey'я. Приобрёл ценный опыт. Далее служба поддержки в крупном хостинг-провайдере. Защитил сертификацию Cisco. Внедрил систему мониторинга спуфинговых Wi-Fi точек доступа, систему мониторинга сетевого оборудования по Wi-Fi каналу. Затем работа в коммерческой разработке, на позиции DevOps-инженера(автоматизация инфраструктуры разработки) - настроен корпоративный GIS-сервер, написана документация. Сейчас развиваю...

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    Languages: Russian – nativeEnglish – intermediate (B1) Tools and Technologies: Programming languages: Javascript ES5+ (4+ years), HTML5 (4+ years), CSS3 (4+ years), PHP7 (4+ years), C# (basic, studied at the university for 5 years, then there was no practice), TypeScript 3 (1+ year)Databases: Oracle MysqlIDE: PhpStorm, WebStorm, Brackets, Sublime Text 3Frameworks: jQuery (2+ years), Bootstrap 3 (2+ years), Bootstrap 4 (from release, ~2 month), Yii2 (half a year), Font-awesome 4-5 (1...

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    I'm a web developer with experience in building high-quality sites and services. My key focus in the development on NodeJS or PHP. The projects I applied this technology is for game, education and logistics industries. I worked in the next areas using NodeJS/PHP and ReactJS/VueJS: - Development of the server part of highly loaded services (including front-end for them) - Development of the server-side console utilities - Trading bot developing using the Steam API - Acquiring system...

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    Алексей Кураков
    Парсинг, API, криптобиржи.
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    Здравствуйте. Моей основной деятельностью является написание программ для сбора различных данных с веб ресурсов и сохранение их в фалы различных форматов. Впервые с программированием я столкнулся в школе и после продолжил обучение в университете и различных курсах. На данный момент являюсь python разработчиком в Минске. Спасибо, что посмотрели мой профиль и прочитали информацию обо мне и моей работе. Languages: Python OS: Windows, linux. Key skills: Scrapy, Selenium, pandas, requests. Web...

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    Михаил Коробков
    Крайне пунктуален
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    Михаил Коробков. Инженер по применению Xilinx КТЦ «ИНЛАЙН ГРУП» | Дистрибьютор XILINX INC. www.plis.ru Инструктор в сертифицированном тренинг центре Xilinx www.plis2.ru E-mail: m.korobkov@inlinegroup.ru т. +7 (495) 797-61-74, доб.237 Сайт: www.plis.ru | www.plis2.ru ----------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- About myself: -------------------------------------- Korobkov Michael, 30.11.1989 (28 years); web: www.fpga-systems.ru PhD....

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    Sergey Kopytov
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    Hello. I'm Sergey. I'm studying in Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, Institute of Computer Science ant Technology. I am write my first program when I was 12 years old. By 2014 I'm read many books about programming, by 2015 I'm writing programs to iOS-devices. I have some apps in App Store, some on my cloud. Every day I'm learning new utilities and frameworks to iOS, like CoreML, FireBase, Google Maps and others.

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    Олег Бунин
    Oracle Database Administrator
    от 500 руб. за час

    Oracle DB 9i/10g/11g (в т.ч. с RAC, ASM, Dataguard 10g/11g) - инсталляция, патчинг, бэкап(RMAN/Hot/Cold/EXPDP/EXP), клонирование решение проблем, оптимизация (Query tuning, architecture optimization, instance tuning), upgrade (10g->11g). Приложения (expert): -------------- Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.3 - инсталляция, решение проблем, оптимизация, клонирование. Oracle Utilities Customer Care & Billing 2.1.0 Oracle UCM 11g Oracle SOA/BPM 11g Oracle SSO 10g...