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    Альберт Розе
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    I have 4+ years of experience in front-end development. Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 (SCSS), JavaScript and jQuery. I make a valid (in accordance with the standards W3C), semantic, 100% responsive code. Writing semantic markup that is documented and easy to read means it can be maintained and scaled in the future, and allows co-workers to quickly work with it. My front-end build process involves the use of tools such as Sass, Webpack, Gulp, Bower, and yarn to speed up development. ...

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    Alexander Ivanov
    Junior Python and NodeJs Developer
    от 3 000 руб. за час

    SKILLS High-level skills in development in the Python and Javascript (NodeJS) programming languages. Extensive experience in creating various scale web applications on the Django / Flask / Express.JS frameworks. In the course of various projects, I often work with the necessary APIs (Facebook API, Freelancehunt API, Telegram API, etc.). Also, I am developing my own API on the Django REST Framework. While working on applications, I adhere to the principles of SOLID and OOP methodology. I...

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    Мурат Атила
    HTML верстальщик / Frontend
    от 3 000 руб. за проект

    Интересуюсь современными тенденциями в области веб-разработки. Ответственно подхожу к решению поставленных задач, используя наиболее оптимальные методы и инструментарий. Критично отношусь к собственному коду. Ключевые навыки Хорошее знание HTML5, Twig, CSS3, Less, Stylus. Базовые знания php. Знание - Блочной/табличной, фиксированной/резиновой, кроссбраузерной верстки,адаптивной верстки, параллакс. Стараюсь придерживаться, методологии БЭМа. Отлично справляюсь с вёрсткой e-mail рассылки. Сборка...

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    цена договорная

    Python Developer Приветствую на моей странице, меня зовут Николай и я работаю в фрилансе 5 лет. Использую фриланс в качестве основного вида заработка, поэтому всегда ответственно отношусь к каждому из заказов. Мой путь в фрилансе начался с копирайтинга, я могу считать себя довольно хорошим специалистом в написании текстов на английском и русском языках. Все же, со временем мне стала не интересна эта сфера, после чего я начал менять свои специальности. За время поисков успел поработать...

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    Ulan Turganov
    Frontend разработчик
    от 800 руб. за час

    I am front-end developer with more than 3 years of commercial experience working with: - JavaScript ES5+, TypeScript - AngularJS, Angular 7/8, VueJS, jQuery, ReactNative (with Expo) - Grunt/Gulp/Webpack, Angular CLI, Vue CLI - HTML5 and CSS3, SASS/LESS, responsive layouts - Bootstrap, Angular Material, Vuetify - RxJs, Vuex - TFS, Trello, Jira, Swagger, Slack - good understanding of web services and SOA related standards like REST/OAuth/JSON - extensive experience integrating with...

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    Darya Demyanenko
    QA Engineer
    от 300 руб. за час

    I'm QA Engineer. Have knowledge and a good understanding of the process of testing mobile applications and Also, I have certificates: IT Academy Belhard - QA Engineer(Sept. - Oct. 2019); Stormnet Technologies -QA Engineer(March - May 2020). ✦ Searching for errors and defects on the test website ✦ Methodologies ✦ Testing API ✦ Testing an educational mobile application for android ✦ Testing an educational website ✦ Work with Atlassian Jira ✦ Learned SQL base syntax ✦ Cover projects with test...

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    Кирилл Иванов
    С#/C++ Development
    от 1 руб. за час

    C#/C++ developer High quality Short time Low prices Readiness for training Debug programs by testing for and fixing errors Build and use computer-assisted software engineering (CASE) tools to automate the writing of some code Use code libraries, which are collections of independent lines of code, to simplify the writing

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    Никита Сафонов
    Контент, перевод и сценарии
    цена договорная

    Have an excellent command of written and spoken English: worked with teams based in USA, Denmark, Netherlands, and UK. Can collect information from various sources, analyze the findings, and organize content in a structured, coherent manner. Transform complicated technical concepts into user-friendly texts. A team player and a self-motivated quick learner, ready to explore new technologies and solutions: attending online courses on Python and Kotlin. Can ensure the documentation complies...

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    от 400 руб. за час

    ICanDesign Inc. - August 2019 - October 2019 SilverTree Systems Inc. - May 2013 - July 2019 - Performing web-based and mobile applications testing, bug reporting and processing defects (Jira, Youtrack, Redmine, Trello) - Participating in requirements analysis, design and logic concept of the application - Customer complaint analysis - Performing various kinds of testing: Functional, Regression, Integration, Cross-browser, Usability, User Acceptance testing - Preparing daily and weekly QA...

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    Федор Николаев
    Python development
    от 1 200 руб. за час

    My greatest achievements include development of a IPS/IDS using open source product - suricata and add logic options outside modules! Programming (c++, python, js) using pure python with Django restful api. Great variety of tasks: virtualization, Unreal networking tasks, integration with json and not only, different aspects of pawn lifecycle and others. Using SVN and Git for version control, JIRA for task management and writing project documentation on Confluence. Achievements: Implementation...

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    Кирилл Бубнов
    Front-end , Copywriting
    от 180 руб. за час

    Я junior front-end разработчик. Умею писать красивый и чистый код. Кросбраузерность у меня в крови. Использую всё свежее и современное в своей разработке, чтобы получился продукт, за который не было бы стыдно. А ещё пишу тексты. Копирайтинг, рерайтинг - всё на высшем уровне. Люблю букву ё. Чаще всего создаю тексты на медицинские темы, т.к. имею медицинское образования и всегда знаю, о чём пишу.

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    Vladislav Sychev
    цена договорная

    Have abilities in Perl, JavaScript developing, participated in different web projects, have experience from scrach writing user's cabinet with mojo framework, have good skills in scripting, parsing, integrating apps,rest API. Knowledge relational databases. Have my own developments and solution as https://cnt-online.ru (garden community solution). Can do work as full-stack developer.

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    Viky Koval
    Marketing, Translation
    от 400 руб. за час

    Hi there! I am a newbie here but ready to start off with some super-duper interesting projects and be a real help. If I'm giving my proposal to do the job, be sure - I'd do it the best I can and I find it inspiring and feel curious about it. As for my skills, right, I have a solid experience in everything concerning content writing (marketing included). You can check on some of my activity in LinkedIn profile. I speak English fluently, German - on the Intermediate level. So, If you need...

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    Майкл Томаселли
    Все что есть, то и делаем.
    от 250 руб. за час

    Привет! Меня зовут Майкл, работаю давно с веб дизайном, верстка, адаптация под мобилы планшеты и т.д. Рассказывать много о себе не буду, узнать можно будет написав мне. Hello! My name is Michael, I have been working with web design for a long time, layout, adaptation for mobile tablets, etc. I won’t tell much about myself, you can learn by writing to me.

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    цена договорная

    QA engineer Навыки: -QA testing and methodologies; -Functional -Performance -Regression and Negative -Data Interface & Migration UI and Compatibility Localization -Agile experience -Documentation: (check-lists, test cases) -Technologies: Jira, Trello, Confluence, Mantis, TestRail, Postman, Basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL Ad-hoc and exploratory testing -Writing test cases -Reporting bugs -Check tasks -Verify mock-up -Manual testing -Working on Scrum methodology

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    от 500 руб. за час

    Using of the tools and technologies * PHP 5/7 * MySQL/MariaDB * Framework (Yii2, Laravel) * REST API * JS (vanilla, JQuery) * HTML/CSS/SCSS (basic) * OOP/SOLID * Git * CMS sistem Языки Русский — свободноАнглийский — средни Информация Participated in the development of the CRM system https://cnc.ck.ua/crm Developed a CRM system for keeping inventory records for the company "IQ-Teh" Developed WEB-applications Developed an author-frame for fast writing of sites. For example -...

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    Александр Шохров
    Помогаю общественным проектам
    цена договорная

    Любитель локальных сетей, поразводить Debian и попрограммировать в веб. Простые локалки и роутеры; bash, iptables, strongSwan, LNMP; PHP, JS, HTML, CSS. Can read technical documentation, and communicate with English speakers pretty fair (mostly in writing). Українська мова також мені знайома.

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    Мария Носальская
    Написания статей, перевод
    от 250 руб. за час

    English/Russian/Ukrainian - translate/write/create Good day everyone! My name is Mary. My native language is Russian/Ukrainian and my English is fluent. I am a creative, responsible, and client-oriented person. Write me if you need: - writing articles -writing interesting stories for children - English - Russian/Ukrainian translation/proofreading; - English/Ukrainian tutoring; - content writing/rewriting - blog posting.

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    Юлия Остапенко
    Digital Marketing
    от 700 руб. за час

    Специалист по маркетингу с уклоном в контент. Fields of expertise: app&game marketing, HoReCa, Social Media Content, SEO texts.