Добавлено 15 июн 2018 в 10:55
GymRush is the personal training industry's automated business development platform. The project helps fitness trainers to find clients and for clients — to choose the right trainer.

General responsibilities: developing GymRush iOS app from scratch to the App Store, developing an architecture, integrating RESTful API, updating the app with new features and design.

Additional responsibilities: project prototyping, developing UX, updating design project with new UI, tasks management, features brainstorming, looking for developers in the team.

Technologies: VIPER, Typhoon, RestKit, RestKit Value Transformer, Rambler Segues, Rambler AppDelegate Proxy, Rambler Typhoon Utils, VIPER McFlurry, CrutchKit, Base64, Google Maps, FormatterKit, Nimbus, Stripe, User Notifications (Push Notifications), EventKit, MapKit, Core Location Framework, Core Graphics Framework, Contacts Framework, Social Framework, Message UI Framework, Keychain

Languages: Objective-C, Swift

Tools: Xcode, AppCode, Git, Bitbucket, Jira, SourceTree, Terminal, Fabric (Crashlytics), Fastlane, CocoaPods, TestFlight, Generamba, Axure, Sketch