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kylog App is the application created to annotate a video with time stamped data.

Skylog App was build using C#, WPF, CassandraDB, MCV5 and several plugins for this
technologies. Soluton uses REST API for communication with server.
This system allows an operator to create a log sheet, where each log can include markers,
keywords, players names, comment and quality rating. This log sheet can be associated to
one of more videos. It is possible to create a log sheet based on the time but not
associated to a video. Also it is possible to create a log sheet using existing template.
The log sheets are stored in a CassandraDB database.

This system also can work in two diffirent modes: online and offline. If the app is in online
mode it is possible to save a snapshot of current envoriement and then load it in offline mode
to continue work.

Skylog App is connected to - a B2С platform that allows user to subscribe as an
organization, manage subscripton, create accounts for it's team of loggers get the link
for download the Skylog App logging software itself.

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