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Film It Media

Добавлено 29 янв 2019 в 12:49
In a growing, ever-changing film industry, we are ready to introduce you to the next big thing! The independent filmmakers best friend, Film It! Our innovative, all-in-one platform is the first of its kind and will surely usher in a new wave of content creation.

Just sign up and you will become registered among thousands of talented actors, writers, filmmakers and all members of the film community. From the palm of your hand you can network with likeminded creatives, post and organize your production, hire cast and crew, manage the shooting process all online and once the film has been made, you can share it with the world!

The opportunity to represent yourself in this industry has never been greater. No more waiting around for the phone to ring, no more relying on agents and casting directors to find you work. At Film It, you are in control. You decide where you work, when, what project and with who! Just apply, and if you can’t find the right gig, make your own and see who bites! We are putting creative control back in the hands of the individual!

Never before have members of the film industry had a tool like this at their disposal. Download Film It today and begin creating, collaborating or competing in an entirely new filmmaking arena!

Join us for our beta launch! Available now on iOS, Android, and desktop!
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