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Java, C/C++/C#, Python, web

3D Model Viewer

Добавлено 28 апр 2019 в 04:11
A general-purpose 3D model viewer. Based on Open Asset Import Library, it supports reading about fourty 3D file formats, helping people easy to represent 3D figures.
Some key features:
- Powerful 3D preview that leverages modern rendering and lighting technologies and thus gives a good impression of how scenes would look in a modern 3D game, or even in non-realtime renderings.
- Skeletal animation playback at arbitrary speed or single-step.
- Efficient tools to inspect the scene or parts of it. Filtering and isolating elements is made as easy as possible.
- Tabbed UI, so multiple scenes can be open at the same time.
- Replace textures and fix missing paths by Drag & Drop.
- Multiple viewports (up to 4) and different camera modes such as orbit cameras or even First-Person.
- A multitude of texture file formats is supported through DevIL. Textures are being loaded asynchronously, so there are no extra waiting times if you only care about geometry.
- Export of scenes (or parts of scenes) is supported. Output formats include Collada, PLY, STL, OBJ (as of now).
Technology used: C#, SQL DevExpress, C1 Component, Unity.
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