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CRM system for healthcare company

Добавлено 14 мая 2019 в 13:16
The web application delivered by PieSoft provides authorized partners with a web interface to customer relationship management services. The system enables the following key business processes:

  • primary contact with the client;
  • determining clients’ interests;
  • cooperation with clinicians;
  • cooperation with insurance companies;
  • automatization of payment and delivery processes;
  • reports generation;
  • sales outcome analysis.
The application was decided to make PHP5 based and to be implemented with the following technologies and frameworks: Symfony2, Bootstrap, SOAP, Rest API, JSON, WebSockets, Composer, cURL. MySQL based, PervasiveSQL, DynamoDB.

The system was integrated with the following systems and services: FedEx, USPS, Medicare, Forte Interactive Voice Response, SureScripts, RelayHealth, Cerner Multum, Brightree, Noble Direct, Voice Broadcasting Corp.

The web application’s UI fully corresponds to the Customer’s manual of style and ensures a positive user experience. In addition to modern design and sound workmanship of the production delivered by PieSoft, this is one of the principal reasons why the CRM system is currently used by more than 40 USA healthcare companies.
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