Создание новых заказов с использованием сервиса «Безопасная сделка» временно недоступно. Для заказов, где выбрана «Безопасная сделка», но исполнитель ещё не назначен — будет доступна только обычная сделка. А для заказов, где работа уже ведётся, «Безопасная сделка» работает в штатном режиме.
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Burrito Madre Web

Добавлено 21 сен 2019 в 17:42
Fresh and healthy Burrito Madre meals from now on without waiting. Order through the app and pick up a meal at the restaurant if you are in a hurry, without stopping and chatting in line, and free delivery to the address is also available. You can enjoy the flavors of burritos, quesadillas and salads with the necessary refreshments in the form of homemade lemonade. Wondering if you can create just the kind of burrito you like to order at a restaurant? Yes, you can now. You make the burrito step by step, just like a line at a restaurant and you can fully customize it to your liking. From now on, carry the Burrito Madre “in your pocket”.

We specifically issue LOYALTY benefits:
- Welcome Bonus - We are honored to install the app
- Cash back of 10% - With every order you get a cash back that you can use for future orders
- Advanced cash - deposit money in advance into your Burrito Madre account and receive a 10% bonus on your deposit

It has never been easier to enjoy Burrito Madre flavors.

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