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Our Advertising Folders APP by Folderz.nl shows you all current brochures of large and small chain stores in the Netherlands, not only all supermarkets and hardware stores, but also electronics stores, fashion stores, toy stores, computer stores, drugstores and much more. We have even listed most of the local stores for you. If you want to select a store as a favorite, you can easily do this by clicking on the heart. With this you are always the first to know about offers from your favorite stores and you have conveniently collected your favorite advertising brochures.

Are you looking for an offer for a specific item or product? You can also find this quickly in our app by selecting it in the menu. This way you get an overview of where this item is in the brochure, for what price and for how long the offer is still valid. Often you can select the item in the folder with one click, after which you can easily order it in the webshop. Of course you can also save offers by using our save function at the bottom of the browse program. You can then easily find it or compare it with other offers.
Why choose the Advertising leaflets APP by Folderz.nl:
- The largest folder overview of the Netherlands with all folders!
- The folders APP for Android Phone (s) and Android Tablet (s)
- Always the most current brochures, the first to be online.
- Both national and regional brochures
- Selecting new folders, popular folders, folder tips or almost expired folders
- View folders by category or store or choose a theme
- Your favorites list clearly arranged
- Also view magazines, brochures, catalogs or lookbooks
- Save offers and create your own shopping list.
- Addresses of stores available in your area that are open NOW.

Because we are independent, we can offer you all brochures, both nationally and locally, without restrictions. Our motivated team is online every day to be the first to place the newest folders for you. And because we do not distribute paper leaflets, we are also environmentally friendly. That is an advantage for nature and an advantage for you.
Will you help us to get better? Send us your comments, tips and questions to: info@folderz.nl. Of course we will also be very happy with your review.
The Advertising Brochure APP is brought to you by Folderz.nl, the most complete brochure site in the Netherlands for 10 years. With all advertising brochures, offers, discounts and promotions, from A to Z and lots of benefits for you.

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