Train it! - карманный помощник в силовых упражнениях и не только!

Добавлено 11 окт 2019 в 10:54

Train it! is your pocket train organizer.

It offers you control and organization of your daily/weekly activities and exercises strictly oriented on muscle gain.

Using Train it! app you can handle a variety of exercises on muscle gain.

Save your exercises by adding them to Workouts list.

Improve you shape by following a scheduled plan in the app.

Your muscles power will be increasing accordingly to your planned progress in the app.

Train it! provides you multiple tools such as steps counter, repeats, weight during workouts tracking that will force you towards your goal of attractive shape.

Use 1 min interval timer which will motivate you to finish exercise. This will lead to more attractive shapes.

Monitor progress in History tab.

Share the app with your friends, in future, you will be also able to

share you progress to all friends,

track a progress through graphical statistics representation,

remind yourself through notifications,

monitor muslces mass gaining,

use calorie meter,

and many other interesting features.

Keep working on your muscles gain exercises!

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