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Urban Circus - High Visibility FashionTech Designers

Добавлено 11 окт 2019 в 16:48
If you are here, reading these lines it means you had a crunch ! It might be the lifestyle, the pictures, anything ... but you want to get more about Urban Circus.

Great ! You are at the right place. From here we will show you our vision of the world through our crazy mind. The moment we created Urban Circus we knew that it was to turn our ordinary citizen life into an extraordinary experience.

And its how it starts. Because we believe the city can be a new area of freedom. The freedom to ride in the open air without constraint. The freedom to move from A to B with no traffic jam or public transport schedule, without any dependencies, with no one to stop you. We talk here about crazy riding ! whoever you are riders of the storm you are the expression of freedom in our concrete urban jungles.

The zenith of freedom would have been to cycle around, all together naked but...
- 1st : you don't really want to see everyone naked, trust me ;)
- 2nd : you are not the animals in this urban circus, but the main comedians ! And you need to be dressed for the show.

That's how we decide to light up your night and color your day, combining style and performance for riders in quest of extraordinary experience exploring the urban jungle.

That's the reason we act to improve the way you move, the way you want to be seen, the way you commute everyday. Cyclists, wheelers, walkers, skateboarders... we want to make your riding experience extraordinary. And it starts with style!

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