Создание новых заказов с использованием сервиса «Безопасная сделка» временно недоступно. Для заказов, где выбрана «Безопасная сделка», но исполнитель ещё не назначен — будет доступна только обычная сделка. А для заказов, где работа уже ведётся, «Безопасная сделка» работает в штатном режиме.
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O'Hehirs Bakery & Cafe

Добавлено 11 окт 2019 в 17:51
O’Hehirs use Irish products where at all possible and include healthy options and a special gluten free range. So whether you enjoy a daily sandwich for lunch or pop in for a special treat in their cake and pastry range, know that you are supporting an Irish, family-run business which prides itself in the production of consistently high quality, fresh and tasty products from start to finish. The O’Hehir family is doing Breda and James proud by continuing what they started in her kitchen 30 years ago.
The cornerstones of a successful business are passion, pride and good business sense. O’Hehirs have all three in abundance. It’s no mean feat to succeed and thrive in any industry over three decades.

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