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Добавлено 12 дек 2019 в 16:14
The service analyses web applications search optimization and generates reports of how to improve it. I have worked for about a year on the project. I started as a full-stack developer. After 4 months I became a team leader. My responsibility was to write the code, plan & organize the team work (keep roadmap, plan sprints, find developers with needed skills for the team, etc), communicate with clients directly. The main achievements here:

Changed the work process of team to eliminate errors of previous technical solutions: introduced daily technical meetings, added code review practice to the workflow, planned strategy to pay the technical debt off, integrated the code format automatic check system.
Planned and initiated transition from monolith to microservice architecture. It allowed to simplify a project support and speed up the new functional integration.
Developed a microservice for creating PDF reports that users receive as a result (based on Headless Chrome). It resolved the problem of service stuck when increasing the number of users. It also simplified code support and reduced hosting costs. I’ve packed the microservice into Docker and configured its scaling on AWS resources.
Developed an embedded widget for website SEO parameters analysis similar to widgets from Zendesk or Intercom. It allowed the project to join the b2b sector. The widget allows external organizations to analyze the client website on their behalf using our algorithms.

Symfony, PhantomJs, RabbitMQ, Headless Chrome, Puppeteer, AWS scaling, JS, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap