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Senior Fullstack developer

Senior Architect, Full-Stack Developer

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---, Cyprus September 2019 — November 2019

Senior Full-stack developer Internal billing service for freelancers

  • Remote work
  • Team of 4 person
  • Service for Accounting and Documents
  • Admin area: reports, statistics, export (XLS)
  • Improve and fix integrations with Epayments, Payoneer, Paysera
  • Logs, automate checks: consistency, fraud, error
  • SOLID, Improve code, test coverage
  • PHP7, Symfony 4.3 with SOA by DDD, Doctrine
  • JS, React.js SPA, DataTable
  • Code quality: good coverage, PHPUnit
  • MySQL
  • Docker, Jira, Gitlab

---, UK (agency: zwolves.com) June 2019 — August 2019

Senior backend developer CRM for Business/Investors

  • Remote work
  • Teamwork
  • International agency: Z-Wolves
  • All process and meetings on English
  • Work with strict Technical Details
  • Develop CRUD API and business logic
  • Prepare DB from Technical Details
  • Prepare docker dev env

  • PHP7, Symfony 4.3, Doctrine
  • Code quality: coverage 80%+. PHPUnit, phpstan, psalm, phpcs, phpmd, lint
  • MySQL
  • Postman, Json API
  • Docker, Jira, Gitlab

Manychat.com, USA February 2019— July 2019

Senior backend developer http://manychat.com - Visual bot builder for Facebook Messenger

  • Remote work
  • Project work
  • Reengineering part of backend

  • PHP7, Yii, Codeception
  • *SQL
  • OpenApi / Swagger with React

Gruzer.ru, Russia, SPb December 2017— December 2018

Senior architect developer, Senior backend developer, Team leader http://gruzer.ru - logistic auction and taxi

  • Remote work
  • Project work
  • Team work
  • Support, optimize and extend exists project
  • Preparing technical documentation, schemas
  • Code review, planning, team leader, unit tests
  • Security, CICD, Performance audit
  • Build new logistic platform: auction (B2B, B2C)
  • Technical Architect
  • Full SOA(Microservice Architect) with async service-bus (queued)
SPA with pushes (live update) and notifications on changes

  • High-load/performance app
  • SOA API: Single Mobile and SPA, Open-API, Swagger
  • CDN
  • Develop Business for new project:
  • Auction: Bookkeeping, Bidding, group messaging
  • Searches: deep automatic filters, presets
  • Logistic: maps, calculatings, documents
  • Billing: Checkout, Processing, Payment, Balance, B2B, B2C, Multicurrency
  • Notification: Multi channel, multi user, configured
  • Laravel, Bootstrap, SPA (CRUD), Socket.io
  • PHP, JS(Node.js), Postgresql (PgSQL), Websocket, Redis
  • SOA-API: Open-API (Swagger)
  • API: Yandex Maps, Google maps, OpenStreet Maps, oAuth2, S3+OpenStack, cdn, Firebase(Cloud messaging), sms/mail/etc
  • Gitlab, CICD, Docker, Kubernetes, Minikube, Git

DMM, Republic of South Africa July 2017— August 2017

Senior fullstack developer http://stafflife.com/

  • Remote distributed team work
  • Project work
  • Build typical Web App
  • Code review, coaching
  • Security audit and fixes
  • Technical details on English
  • Laravel, Bootstrap, SPA (CRUD), Josh Admin
  • PHP, JS, MySQL
  • Payment with Stripe
  • Bitbucket, Docker, Google Cloud (Starting configure)

DSE, USA April 2017— June 2017

Senior fullstack developer Online service

  • Remote distributed team work
  • Project work
  • Integration of Service Modules for B2B platform (DDD)
  • Separation of Monolith to Service Modules
  • Develop new Service Modules (for paid features)
  • Mailing service
  • https://github.com/bagart/third-party-cookies
  • DevOps, Docker and deploy
  • Technical details on English
  • Laravel 5.1 => 5.6, Bootstrap, SPA (CRUD, handlebars)
  • PHP 5.6=>7.1, JS, MySQL
  • Bitbucket, Docker, Gulp

Bionika, Moscow June 2016— April 2017

Senior fullstack developer for a new private service Medicine company

  • Remote alone work
  • Project work
  • Full alone architect, development (Frontend, Backend, DBA) and DevOps
  • Developed new projects from start to finish
  • Developed filters which ensured flexible and intelligent search (based on elasticsearch)
  • Data sync (public procurement)
  • Laravel 5.3, AdminLTE (Bootstrap), Vue.js
  • Elasticsearch 2.4 as primary DB for content
  • PHP 7, JS, PostgreSQL
  • BeanstalkD, Redis, Docker
  • API: maps, public procurement of Russia (tenders like zakupki.gov.ru)

Taxi-Angel.ru, Moscow October 2015 — March 2016

Senior fullstack web developer International taxi service

  • Remote work without team
  • Project work
  • Developed mobile API from start to finish
  • Support of existing projects(bug fixing)
  • DB optimization
  • Panel data with call and order statistics, admin panel
  • RESTful Mobile API for working project
  • PHP 5.4=>5.6, JS, PostgreSQL, PL/pgSQL, Laravel, AdminLTE, Highcharts, LXC
  • API: maps, Asterisk

IMHOnet.ru, Moscow October 2014 — October 2015

Senior developer (backend) HighLoad recommendation service

  • Office work
  • Team of 15 +/- people (IT)
  • HighLoad optimization
  • Support and development site
  • RTB data sync, recommendation based on AD profiling and targeting for new/unregistered users
  • New import data models (external sources)
  • PHP: corp. MVC framework, MQ dispatchers, API development and use
  • DB: MySQL, Sphinx, ElasticSearch
  • API: AD RTB (Facetz), content-providers, mailing services (Mandrill, ExpertSender), oAuth
  • jira, git, phabricator, composer, github, LXC, deploy, ELK
C.V.C. Corporation, Moscow August 2012 — October 2013

Team Leader, Senior developer SMM Agency

  • Office work
  • Team of 4 +/- people (IT)
  • Full development and admin from 1st day
  • Team Leader (2-3 subordinates developers)
  • Full administration and monitoring (web/linux/db)
  • Work with social API, parsing, data aggregation
  • Development of multiblog platform, content tools, SMM tools
  • Social API: facebook, twitter, vkontakte, livejournal, etc
  • php5.4, html5, mysql, pgsql, js, jQuery, Bootstrap
  • Wordpress, onPHP (many projects)
  • git, LXC
  • SEO, UX, API’s

Rabota.ru (RDW-media), Moscow November 2010 — August 2012

Web developer high traffic recruiting portal. Local TOP3

  • Office work
  • Team of 15 +/- people (IT)
  • HighLoad optimization: horizontal scaling, DB optimization(SQL, NoSQL, indexes, queries), caching.
  • Sync with main billing service, online payment API, paid services
  • Statistics aggregation (salaries by tags, payment)
  • php5, OOP/MVC, onPHP, PostgreSQL, PL/PgSQL, Sphinx
  • API: online payment (robokassa), billing (XML)
  • JavaScript, Prototype => jQuery, AJAX, payment API(robox), oAuth
  • svn => git, trac => redmine

Trade.Su (Information agency), Moscow August 2008 — September 2010

Web developer
Information agency, tenders, public procurement
  • Office work
  • Team of 9 +/- people (IT)

  • Development and support platform for 6000+ sites(E-commerce systems) for partners.
  • Development, optimization and maintenance service
  • Quick site builder, counters, update exchange rates, etc.
  • Deep SEO optimization
  • Perl(Strict, HTML Template, Template Toolkit), MySQL, JavaScript
  • CMS framework with flexible admin tools (not public, perl, full-AJAX navigation, SEO tools)
  • Svn