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Medicine United States

Добавлено 17 фев 2020 в 14:42
Development and testing of the internal platforms of one of the leading healthcare practice management organizations in the United States. These platforms include web and mobile timecards for scheduling, maintainability tools, web forms for clients, a satisfaction survey tool. The web application consists of different big parts for user roles: admin, partner and manager, director, employee, that work in one integrated system.

Responsibilities: Requirements analysis, testing and clarification of sitemap, all user flows and developing an approach for the entire platform Testing and Quality Assurance.
Communicate with customers via e-mail and Skype & DEV team to identify all user experience, design the workflow.
Checklists and Outlines are written and updating to cover all possible user flows and functionalities with the detailed description and testing scenarios. Testing of 9+ different application systems and covering it with more than 1200+ test scenarios.
Smoke, regression, functional, GUI, ad-hoc and usability testing of the application on DEV and QA environments. This testing includes verification at modern, responsive design, compatible with all modern OS and browsers, before-production regression testing and post-production regression testing on sensitive prod data and conformity of thу product to the business requirements.
CRUD testing and user roles restriction testing, resulting application support 5+ major user roles with support operations with the strict hierarchy.
Testing of DB structure and stored procedures that allowed to create a web application resistant to incorrect user actions.
Bugs reporting and verification, allowing to prevent issues to appear in the production environment.