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Web & mobile dev + UI/UX

Мобильное приложение для поиска фитнес тренера

Добавлено 17 дек 2020 в 21:58
The task was to create a modern mobile application that will help solve the problems of the private sports coaches market. The main problem is the non-transparent system of the coach's remuneration, the barriers between the coach and the athlete, as well as the high commission of gyms for each workout.

In order to obtain quality feedback from potential users, we interviewed a variety of sports trainers and instructors. We also used similar applications for some time and thanks to this we got our own user experience, which we were later able to implement into our product.

To launch the project, a number of creatives were created and used in advertising campaigns, as well as in the mobile application. In addition to advertising creatives, we have prepared text and graphic content to fill all sections of the mobile application.

Before creating a mobile application, we created a working prototype to analyze the interaction of all systems with each other. Based on the results of the prototype, we were able to choose the most successful concept and architecture.
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