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Fiesta Podcasts

Добавлено 30 дек 2020 в 08:52
The FIESTA APP is the easiest way to find the best podcasts through 30 second video clips. Fiesta is a platform for BOTH podcasts listeners and creators. For podcasters, with Fiesta we have made it super easy to record, promote & market your podcast as everyone is incentivized to share your video clips on other social channels.
Finally there is no need to search all over the internet for good podcasts because Fiesta has an awesome algorithm that learns what you kind of content you like the most!
Fiesta allows anyone to record your podcast with studio quality, extract the best parts of the podcast with one click, it then incentivizes people to distribute your 30-second video highlights all over the internet. The best way to grow your podcast faster is to tap into other people’s audience by leveraging their credibility and following so we have made that super simple.
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