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Unity2D,3D/C# Developer

Twist Puzzle

Добавлено 05 мар 2021 в 20:38
Blow your mind in the unique free 3D puzzle "Twist Puzzle"!

Connect your logic and burst into the bright world of "Twist Puzzle"!

Rotate and arrange the puzzles to fill the entire playing field. Pay special attention to the notches and elements that are located in advance on the board. No time limits, just enjoy the game!

The game has:
• Many different levels;
• Bright 3D graphics and pleasant music;
• Ability to choose the quality of graphics;
• Day and night modes;
• Fascinating, understandable gameplay.

Free puzzle game for puzzle lovers. Suitable for players of all ages.
Play jigsaw puzzles with your family on your phone or tablet. Arrange yourself an unforgettable quest!
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