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Добавлено 03 авг 2021 в 16:25
OVERVIEW To say that nowadays our environment is rapidly and dynamically changing is to say nothing. Individuals, institutions and companies are urged to plan operations and make daily decisions in a context of uncertainty, ample data sources, fast innovation cycles and volatile economy. The cost for navigating unarmed and unequipped in a milieu of endless data and opportunities to use it is high.
In such circumstances it is critical to have a clear direction for operation and trustworthy data at hand.
This is where Prisma independent research and analytical agency comes to offer strategic planning, research, monitoring and evaluation services to seize accurate and impartial data that can be used in day-to-day planning and decision making to work smarter, be more cost-efficient and multiply economies of scale.
Having vast experience in leading and executing strategic planning, research, monitoring and evaluation projects,
Prisma staff are well positioned to support individuals, public and private sector representatives as well as companies to forge strategic frameworks of operation, track their performance, and generate evidence in order to make strategic decisions and day- to-day choices that lead to a larger vision.
This will maximize the opportunities in regards to taking a more proactive stance in influencing the future and making an impact that matters.

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