Создание новых заказов с использованием сервиса «Безопасная сделка» временно недоступно. Для заказов, где выбрана «Безопасная сделка», но исполнитель ещё не назначен — будет доступна только обычная сделка. А для заказов, где работа уже ведётся, «Безопасная сделка» работает в штатном режиме.
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Take My Muffin

Добавлено 12 авг 2021 в 12:12
Take My Muffin is the first multimedia project (animated series) that will be co-created by the crypto community and a professional animation studio. Produced at world-class standards, Take My Muffin (TMM) is a 14+ animated sitcom about startups, decentralized technologies, robots, ICOs, corporate relations, investments and more. Buyers of the project's NFT tokens get access to all the development materials from the series as well as sub-governmental tokens.

Toonbox Animation has been developing, producing, and distributing original animated series and short films since 2008 and has proven itself as a serious player in the market. The studio has created more than 440 episodes of various projects, many of which are known throughout the world. Their shows have been broadcasted in more than 130 countries in 29 languages. On YouTube alone, the total number of views of the studio's works exceeds 3,5 billion.
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