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Angular 2+ developer

Loot box (Лутбокс)

Добавлено 05 ноя 2021 в 19:05
Lootie: Lootie is a website which enables you to unbox insane streetwear prizes. The website catalogues online mystery boxes of multiple types. Each mystery box has a set probability of containing branded merchandise from well-known brands such as Supreme and Nike. Every time you open a new mystery box, a random spinner will determine which item you get. After you unbox your item, it’s added to your account inventory! The chance to get these items is real, and you can request for them to be sent to your house any time.
• Created from scratch
• Website maintenance
Technology stack: #Angular #Angular7, #ngrx , #AngularUI, Angular Material, #websocket , Json Animations - Lottiefiles