Создание новых заказов с использованием сервиса «Безопасная сделка» временно недоступно. Для заказов, где выбрана «Безопасная сделка», но исполнитель ещё не назначен — будет доступна только обычная сделка. А для заказов, где работа уже ведётся, «Безопасная сделка» работает в штатном режиме.
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Front End разработка

SPA App (Momentum)

Добавлено 01 дек 2021 в 19:59
Momentum is an analog of the application of the same name in the Chrome online store. The app shows the time and the username. The background image and greeting change depending on the time of day. The application has a clock, an image slider, weather widgets, an audio player, a block of quotes of the day, settings. The application logic is developed in pure javascript. In the application, you can choose which API to get photos from, as well as change the background by clicking on the arrows. The application has a music player, a weather forecast for your city. Greeting depending on the time of day. The application works simultaneously with 5 APIs (Weather API, Unsplash API, Flickr API, Github API, Quotes API). API requests occur asynchronously, you can hide some blocks at will. The application is completely cross-browser and adaptive. Quotes are updated at the click of a button and have a translation into 2 languages.
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