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Unity/С# разработчик

Geometry! Smash

Добавлено 16 мар 2022 в 12:59

Specialists involved: Unity/C# Developer, 2D Designer, VFX Animator, Game-Designer
Platforms: Android

Project description:
The main goal of the gameplay is to fly out of the geometric figure into free space. And so step by step, figure by figure. The game is divided into levels. On each level the number of sides and rotation speed is increased. With time, it becomes more difficult, which means more interesting!

Technical features

- Working with shaders:
Implemented the effect of a blast wave in the form of a shader superimposed on the texture, dynamically changes the characteristics of space distortion.

- Service integration:
Google Admob SDK;
Facebook SDK;

- Crashlytics:
The firebase crashlytics service allows you to monitor the stability of the application on users' devices, effectively track the occurrence of bugs and quickly fix them.

- User’s analytics integration:
For a more effective analysis of the involvement of players, as well as the actions of players in various game situations.

- Integrating leaderboards + offers rate the offer:
Leaderboards are implemented by integrating native solutions for ios and android.

- Flexible vibration system:
Based on a package with haptic vibrations, adapted to implement the vibrations requested by the customer.