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iOS / Android, backend


Добавлено 13 мая 2022 в 09:16
Приложение представляет собой социальную сеть и предназначено для обеспечения безопасности. Отслеживает местоположение пользователя, позволяет оповещать о происшествиях и отправлять сообщения другим пользователям.

Работала в качестве главного разработчика. Полностью отвечала за бэкенд (Java Spring, PostgreSQL) и мобильные приложения для iOS и Android.

Отзывы клиента на Upwork:

"Working with Julia has been amazing. Choosing a freelancer developer, was overwhelming with so many replies to our original job post. We were extremely lucky and fortunate to have selected and worked with Julia. Julia is extremely professional and knowledgable when it comes to mobile development. Julia also has great communication and the ability to be firm on guiding the project. Originally we only planned to contract Julia for part of the development for our project. Due to the amazing work and ease in working with Julia, we naturally extended the contract. Julia has become a integral contributor not only on development but in helping us align our ideas with the structure converting this logic into a software platform."

"We have been working with Julia for sometime and love working with her. Julia is a professional, and very experienced developer with lots of understanding. Usually Julia will as questions that we did not even think about. Excellent work, we hope to continue working with Julia for a very long time."

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