Создание новых заказов с использованием сервиса «Безопасная сделка» временно недоступно. Для заказов, где выбрана «Безопасная сделка», но исполнитель ещё не назначен — будет доступна только обычная сделка. А для заказов, где работа уже ведётся, «Безопасная сделка» работает в штатном режиме.
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Solidity Developer


Добавлено 09 июл 2022 в 17:06
The task was to develop a token smart contract with a reflection mechanism, as well as an NFT collection. Every 30 minutes, the user's balance had to increase by a certain percentage (this is implemented inside the token contract). Users can increase the amount of the reward through NFT tokens. Each of the users has the opportunity to mint up to 3 random tier NFT tokens for a certain fee, each of which will bring additional passive income to its owner. If a user has >= 3 NFT tokens on his balance, then mint becomes unavailable for him. The income that tokens bring depends on the tier of these tokens (3 tiers in total). The higher the tier, the more $AVION brings NFT token. If a user has several NFT tokens, then their profitability is added up. Profitability is set by the platform owner. It determines how many $AVION tokens will be paid out for holding NFT tokens of different tier. There is also a monthly subscription mechanism. For each NFT token owned by the user, there must be a timely payment. If the NFT token has expired, the user will not be able to receive his additional reward for holding this token. After paying for the missed days or months, he will again be able to receive his reward. The project was successfully completed by me.